Putting Kashmir on the Global Stage

G-20 tourism summit, marking a significant milestone in the region's international recognition and opening doors to new opportunities.

From City to Smart City

Srinagar's transformation into a smart city, where cutting-edge technology and infrastructure advancements create a seamless and enriching experience for residents and tourists alike.

Showcasing True Beauty to the World

Discover the hidden treasures of Kashmir as it unveils its authentic charm to the world, captivating global attention and paving the way for a tourism revolution that promises economic growth and prosperity for the region.

Building a Brighter Future for Kashmir

Acknowledge the importance of addressing human rights concerns in Kashmir while recognizing the G-20 summit as a catalyst for constructive dialogue, cooperation, and inclusive development that uplifts the lives of Kashmiri residents

Leading the Way in Tourism Development

Witness India's rise as a global leader in tourism development, sustainable practices, and economic prosperity, with its G-20 presidency serving as a stepping stone to showcase Kashmir's immense potential and elevate the nation's stature on the world stage.