Top 6 Places  to Visit In Autumn In Kashmir

Char Chinar, which translates to "Four Chinars," is a small island in Dal Lake.

Char Chinar

Shalimar Bagh in autumn offers a sensory delight, combining the visual allure of the changing leaves.

Shalimar Garden

Nishat Bagh, also known as the Garden of Joy is one of the Mughal gardens in Srinagar. 

Nishat Garden

Naseem Bagh in autumn promises a delightful experience, offering a blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and historical charm.

Naseem Bagh

Chashme Shahi'known as the Royal Spring, this garden is famous for its natural spring and Mughal architecture. 

Chashme Shahi

Verinag in autumn offers a serene and visually stunning experience, making it a great destination for relaxation