ATV Ride In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a beautiful meadow which is located in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a place full of adventure activities, snowy mountains and beautiful terrains. In these activities is a popular activity among the tourist that is ATV riding, lot of travelers love to do this activity and we are sure that you would too. In Gulmarg we provide you every adventure activity that is possible to do, you can book all other activities also on our website. What else could be more exciting for all the adventure loving people, presenting you the best way to explore the beauty of Gulmarg meadows, apart from being a literal winter wonderland its also a great place for riding an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). In this blog you well get all the necessary details you need about having this wonderful experience so that it would always be a beautiful memory and a great experience with Tripmore Tour and Travels.


Cost For An ATV Ride In Gulmarg

The cost of an ATV ride in Gulmarg will depend on the ATV trip you choose and prices will vary based on distance and terrain, These ATV trips are discussed below:

ATV Gulmarg RideRateRide DistancePoints Covered
Short Ride₹15005 KMRider will take you
1. Mata ka Mandir
2. Children's park
3. Golf Course
Long Ride₹250010 KM (Self Drive)Self Drive ATV
1. Maharaja Palace
2. Strawberry Valley
3. Jungle Ride
4. Fishing Lake
5. View Point
6. All the points covered in Short ride
ATV Tripmore1
ATV Tripmore3

Tangmarg to Drung-waterfall Ride In ATV

  • This trip is going to take you from Tangmarg to Drung Waterfal, which will be a round-trip of about 6km. 
  • This waterfall freezes in winter which looks very beautiful.
  • This trip will take around 1 hour to complete.
  • Priced at an affordable Rs 2000 per person.

Gulmarg Short Ride In ATV

  • Take a view of beautiful scenery as you ride and explore Mata ka Mandir, Children’s park and Golf Course.
  • Distance you are going to ride: 5 km.
  • Total Time for the ride : 15 Minutes.
  • Priced at only Rs ₹1500 per person.

Gulmarg Long Ride In ATV

  • Experience the Gulmarg Long Ride on a 10 km ATV, Explore places like Maharaja Palace, Strawberry Valley, Jungle Ride, Fishing Lake View Point, All the points covered in Short ride. This trip also unlocks Self-drive option.
  • Enjoy 30–40 minutes of pure joy.
  • Affordable pricing at Rs ₹2500 per person.

Can we book ATV in Gulmarg online​

For online booking of ATV in Gulmarg you can call on 7051909192 for instant booking

ATV Ride in Kashmir

How Can You Book An ATV In Kashmir?

You can ride an ATV in Gulmarg without any hassle all you have to do is just contact Tripmore on +917051909192 / WhatsApp on the same number, or you can directly book ATV’s on our website  and we will make all the arrangements for you, Tripmore allows you to experience this ride with best in class service as we have tied up with best ATV riding Service providers in order to make you experience hassle free.

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Price For ATV Ride In Kashmir

A short ride will cost you Rs ₹1500 per person, which will be a 5km ride which will take around 15 minutes to complete. A long ride will cost you Rs ₹2500 per person which will be a 10km ride which would take around 30 minutes to complete and also you can ride from ATV from Tangmarg to Drung waterfall in a cost of Rs 2000 per person.

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Tangmarg to Drung waterfall ATV Price

The ATV ride from Tangmarg to Drung waterfall will cost you arround Rs 2000 per person, which is of total of 6km round trip. With which you can enjoy the view of Drung waterfall and can also have snacks, tea or coffee in front of beautiful waterfall. Call us for more details on +917051909192

Tangmarg to Drung Waterfall ATV

ATV ride to Drung Waterfall will cost you Rs 2000 for a round trip of 6Km. The duration of the ride will be 60 minutes. 

Tangmarg to Drung Waterfall and Shepherd Valley

ATV ride to Drung Waterfall is a 8Km long ride, it ill be a self drive ride with operator and will cost you Rs 3000 for a round trip. The duration of the ride will be 90 minutes. 

ATV Ride from Tangmarg to DrungRateRide DistanceDuration of RideSelfdrive
Tangmarg to Waterfall.
₹20006 KM60 MinutesNo
Tangmarg to Waterfall and Shepherd Valley₹30008 KM (Self Drive)90 MinutesYes

Why Ride An ATV In Kashmir?

Riding an ATV in Gulmarg , Kashmir can be an unique experience for several reasons:

Kashmir is known for its beautiful landscapes and green valleys, and when these things are layered with snow, It becomes an absolute wonderland to explore and do various activities, Which include skiing, snow fights and the best one, To ride an ATV in Gulmarg which will make you trip full of thrill and adventure, With the power of an ATV you are going to navigate through snow, and high terrains full of forest lines on the side, Which will provide you a full adrenaline rush trips. Talking about the terrains of Kashmir they are like cherry on tops or adventure loving people. ATV’s are meant for this kind of adventure and you surely will have fun riding it.

Gulmarg ATV Ride booking

Cheapest ATV Ride In Kashmir

We will arrange you the cheapest ATV ride in Gulmarg, the trip will start from as low as Rs ₹1500 , from which you will get to enjoy this ride to remember. Just book you cheapest ATV right now Call us on 7051909192 for further information. You can also pre-book your rides before even reaching Gulmarg, Book your ride on on website or on the number mentioned above. We also take bookings on Whatsapp , So do ping on this number +917051909192.

What Safety Measures Are in Place for ATV Ride in Gulmarg?

At Tripmore Tour and Travels your safety is our priority. We will arrange all the safety gear and will ensure that you receive safety gears like a helmet, a proper vest or any other necessary protective equipment. If you plan to ride all by your own then please have good understanding of what during you ATV instructor is saying before he hands over the ATV to you.

What Is The Best Time of Year to Go ATV Riding In Kashmir?

ATV are meant to be driven year-around as they are off-roading vehicles that can be driven both on dirt and snow, But there is a deferent kind of excitement while riding an ATV in winter in which you can look at the snow capped meadows and enjoy mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir Valley, surely is a must have experience.

What Kind of Clothing Should I Wear for an ATV Ride in Kashmir?

There is no requirement of any specific clothes to be able to Ride an ATV, but for precaution measure wear warm waterproof clothes(jackets and sweater) and good quality waterproof shoes(Quechua shoes are locally preferred), as sometimes due to snow clothes get wet.

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Are There Any Age Restrictions for ATV Riding in Kashmir?

No, there is no age restrictions for riding an ATV, but if there is a minor (less then 18 years of age) cannot self drive an ATV, in that regards there will be a trained operator handle the ATV.

How Long Does a Typical ATV Tour Last in Kashmir?

ATV ride in Gulmarg last according to the trip you choose , as some trips may last for 15 minutes only and some trips may last upto 30 mins, That means typically it lasts for around 15 to 30 minutes. you can also adjust the time according to your comfort.

Can Beginners Ride ATVs in Kashmir, and Is Training Provided?

Yes, Beginners can also ride an ATV in Kashmir as Tripmore tours and travels have tied up with the best service providers, You will get a trained operator whom will help you in using the ATV .

Ride ATV By Yourself In Kashmir

You can go for a Solo ride also, if you want us to arrange that for you simply give us a call on this number +91705190192

How much is an ATV ride in Gulmarg?

ATV Ride in Gulmarg costs Rs 2000 for a Distance of 6KM that is from Tangmarg to waterfall.

ATV Ride Gulmarg Price

Atv Ride Gulmarg price is as following:
 Tangmarg to Waterfall : Rs 2000
 Tangmarg to Waterfall and Shepherd Valley: Rs 3000 

ATV Ride Gulmarg Online Booking

To book ATV Ride in Gulmarg Online you can WhatsApp Us. or Visit Google Tripmore’s Google Page.

Where can i do ATV Ride in Kashmir?

ATV Ride in Kashmir can be done at Gulmarg. If, you have any queries you call us on 7051909192 

Necessary Items to carry for ATV Ride In Kashmir?

For a better experience carry these items with you:

  • Valid ID cards like Aadhaar card.
  • Warm clothes like jackets, sweatshirts, gloves and sweaters.
  • Good quality warm and waterproof shoes.
  • Its always a good idea to carry a first-aid kit ( Provided by ATV Operators).
  • Good quality sunscreen and sunglasses
Where To Do ATV Ride In Kashmir?

There are multiple places where you can do ATV ride in Kashmir, You can ride ATV in Sonmarg which is a ATV ride to Zero Point(place in Sonmarg). You can also ride ATV in Gulmarg also. To book ATV in any of the above places you can contact +917051909192

Contact number of ATV in Gulmarg

You can contact to book your ATV ride in Gulmarg by contacting the reservation +917051909192

Can I Book An ATV In The Gulmarg Market?

You can book an ATV in the Marktet also , you can call us on 7051909192 and get one right infront of your hotel and you can start the ride from there. Also to mention we only tie up with the best service providers and we ensure your experience to be best with us. you can also selfdrive the ATV

Can I Rent an ATV in Kashmir, and What Are The Requirements?

Yes, You can rent an ATV in Kashmir. You can call us 7051909192 for instant booking. We will arrange it for you without any hassle.

ATV Ride in Pahalgam

You can ride ATV in Pahalgam, For this matter contact us on 7051909192 to book an ATV ride in Pahalgam. 

Reserve ATV Ride in Gulmard

You can reserve ride ATV in Gulmarg, For this matter contact us on 7051909192 to Reserve or pre book an ATV ride in Gulmarg. 

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How Can You Reach Gulmarg ?

There are three ways you can reach Gulmarg by Air, road and by train. If you are traveling by Air for that you have to reach Sheikh-Ul-Alam International Airport(SXR) Airport, Which is around 50km away from our destination which is Gulmarg. You will find the transport right outside the airport, which will drop you off in gulmarg. If you are trying to reach by road you will have to follow along National highway 1-A which will help you reach Gulmarg. If you choose to travel via Train, You can reach Jammu Tawi Railway Station(JAT) which is the only nearest train station, then after reaching Jammu, you can book a taxi or a cab , if you don’t want hassle we can arrange you transportation services from Jammu to Srinagar, Just give us a call on +917051909192.

Why choose Tripmore Tour & Travels for ATV Rides?

At Tripmore Tour and Travels we believe in Quality, Safety and Hospitality. we will provide you the best in class ATV rides which would are safe to ride and also are budget friendly. We work with only the best service providers across the valley, and try to bring value to you. We have 4.9+ rating on Google and we continue to be the best in the valley. We are Proud to Provide our service to you .

FAQ's about ATV Ride in Gulmarg?

Yes. that way you will save alot of time and hassle. call on 7051909192

Tripmore Tour and Travels, is the best way to book an ATV in Kashmir. 

Yes, Beginners can ride ATV in Kashmir

For a Short ride the cost of ATV in Gulmarg will be Rs1500

Rs 2500, will be the cost of long ride in Gulmarg.

Yes, ATV rides are completly safe to ride in Gulmarg

Yes, you can Ride ATV from Gulmarg to Drung. for any query  call 7051909192. 

Yes, You can have a Solo Ride on ATV in Gulmarg, Call on 7051909192 for instant booking and hassle-free ride

It will Be Rs1500 for a short ride and Rs2500 for a long one.

No, There is no Age limit to Ride an ATV in Gulmarg.

Tripmore is the best ATV Service provider in Gulmarg or in whole Kashmir.