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Shikara ride is the most famous ride in Kashmir, it is one of the most peaceful, calming facets of a trip in Kashmir. Dal Lake is famed for its attractiveness and travelers from every corner of the world visit Dal Lake on their visit to Kashmir. Dal Lake is well-known for its liveliness and glory in the entire Kashmir. The groups belonging to shikara and houseboat have sustained to reside for centuries on this famous Dal Lake.If you are planning to have an unforgettable relaxing time of your life.

Although there are alot of the places to try the boat ride but the previlledge of the Shikara ride is of Dal Lake. Make that happen through a Shikara Ride on the Dal-Lake in the lap of Zabarwan hills range, book your shikara ride from our service and get to enjoy a safe, and secure shikara ride.

Shikara Ride

Shikara ride rates in Dal Lake

Shikara Rate in Dal Lake per HourRate
Shikara ride for 1 Hour770
Shikara ride for 2 Hour1210
Shikara ride for 3 Hour1650
Shikara rate in dal Lake
HOw to book shikara ride in Dal lake

Cost of Shikara ride at Dal Lake

The Cost of the Shikara depends on hours of the ride and points to cover.

The Pricing for Shikara in Dal lake starts from 770/Hour in Deluxe cusioned boat. Without roof or less maintend boat will cost only 400 but is not worth your time and money

Shikara ride Cost for 1 hour in Dal Lake

For the one hour of boat ride in Dal lake it is Rs.770/hour

Shikara ride Cost for 2 hour in Dal Lake

After the first hour the susquent hour is only Rs.400/hour. So for the 2 hours it will be only Rs.1210

Shikara ride Cost for 3 hour in Dal Lake

In 3 hours you can visit all the places inside the Dal lake like Mena Bazaar, Kabootar Khana, Floating Market and other beautiful heritages. It will cost you only Rs.1650

Shikara Ride in Dal LakeDetails
Seating Capacity4 persons
CostFor 1st hour ₹770, subsequent hours ₹440
Timing7am- 8pm (Summer)
10pm to 6pm (winter)
One for visitors other for carrying load
Shikara pointsMeena Bazar
Vegetable market
Chaar chinar
Sonn laank
Lokut Dal
Nehru Park
BookingCall or Whatsapp 7051909192

Seating capacity of Shikara boat in Kashmir

Shikara boat has the capacity to tour 4 guests 

Types of Shikara boats in Kashmir

There are two types of boats.

  • Well Cusioned (Meant for Visitors)
  • Without roof (For Carrying Goods)

Per hour rent of Shikara Boat in Kashmir 2023-2024

You can rent the Shikara boat at ₹770 for first hour subsequent hour it will be only ₹440/hour

Best Place to Visit in Shikara Boat in Kashmir

Dal Lake one of the most popular places in Kashmir for a Shikara boat ride, and there are many places to visit while on the lake. Here are some of the best places to visit in a Shikara boat in Dal Lake:

These gardens are a unique feature of Dal Lake. The floating gardens are made of matted vegetation and are used to cultivate vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and melons.

Located on an island in Dal Lake, Nehru Park is a popular picnic spot and offers stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The park also has a small cafe and a children’s play area.

 This shrine is located on the western side of Dal Lake and is one of the most revered Muslim shrines in Kashmir. The shrine houses a holy relic, a hair of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

This is a group of four majestic chinar trees that are over 400 years old. The trees are located on an island in Dal Lake and are a popular spot for tourists to take photographs and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake.

Located near the Boulevard Road, Kabutarkhana is a pavilion built in the Mughal style. The pavilion is used to feed pigeons and is a popular spot for birdwatching

Shikara ride in Dal Lake timings

Summer timing of Shikara ride in Dal Lake 7am- 8pm
Winter timing of Shikara ride in Dal Lake  10pm to 6pm 

Shikara ride in Dal Lake cost per person

The cost of Shikara ride depends on number of hours rather than per person. Starting at ₹770/hour subsequent hour at 440/hour

Can we drive shikara by ourselves

Yes! infact they have extra oars for the guests to drive by themselves in their supervision.

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What is the Pickup and Drop location of the Shikara boat in Kashmir

You can enjoy boating at any Ghat in Dal Lake, but we prefer Ghat-17 as all the attractions are nearby and have ample parking space

How to Reach Shikara Ride in Dal Lake from Airport ?

You can reach shikara ride from Airport by Hiring  a Taxi in kashmir and then tell the driver to take you to Ghat No. 17 where you can enjoy your shikara ride.

Shikara Booking Srinagar

You can reach shikara ride from Airport by Hiring  a Taxi in kashmir and then tell the driver to take you to Ghat No. 17 where you can enjoy your shikara ride.

How much does a Shikara ride cost in Dal Lake (2023-2024 updated)
  • Shikara ride cost may vary from time to time. Shikara ride cost may go from ₹770 rupees onwards depending on the number of hours. Depending on the season, during the vacation period it may cost a little high (may- September) as compared to the usual cost. However, bargaining is common but at the same time it’s the bread and butter of the indigenous people of the Dal lake .
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With smooth user friendly online Shikara booking system you can directly book in our website or Call on 7051909192
There is no need to hassle and bargain on the Ghats. Your ride will be reserved and waiting  there for you. 

Things to do on a Shikara ride in Dal Lake
  • Shikara photoshoot in shikara full of flowers
  • Trying fruit salad 
  • Kehwa treat
  • Buying souvenir of Kashmir
  • Kashmir dress photography 
  • Floating hukka
  • Fishing (Permission needed)
  • Shopping.
Shikara points in Dal lake, Srinagar
  • Meena Bazar is a floating market in Dal Lake, situated near Nehru Park. It is another main beauty attraction in Dal Lake. Almost Everything is obtainable in Meena bazar.
  • Floating garden is a floating vegetable market in Dal lake. Here distinct sellers gather in the mid of the lake at dawn to sell their harvest. Most of the stuff sold here is grown in the floating gardens of Dal Lake.
  • Chaar chinar Dal Lake contains 3 islands, 2 of which are noticeable with attractive Chinar trees. The island situated on the Roph Lank, is marked with the existence of royal Chinar trees at the four corners, thus known as Char Chinari.
  • Sonn laank is the second Chinar Landmass in Dal lake, known as Sona Lanka, is positioned on the Lokut Dal, and supervises the holy shrine of Hazratbal.
  • Nehru Park is a small island park with a swaying pool, boating services and small park.It Provides the greatest view of Dal lake.

    There are many places in dal lake that can be visited by shikara ride but to consider a few famous places like,There are many other places to be visited in Dal lake by shikara ride such as Lily garden, Floating gardens, Fishing gardens, Lotus Market Gardens, Shikara.
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How is Shikara made in Kashmir

Shikara making process is the classic and hereditary occupation of the indigenous community of Dal lake. It requires the skillful people who make them up. They have to carve each pattern to make it look more mesmerizing. The planks of the deodar joined at side elevations create a vertical height of 1.5 feet. The nails and irons used for joinery diagonally fixed into the wood to ensure strong bonding. The front end of it is pointed in shape , the rear end is flat and in between are planks. The shikaras are painted with bright colors and each one has it own name
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Difference between houseboat and a Shikara ?

As we already discussed what a shikara is. Shikara and houseboat differ a huge from one another.

  • Shikara is used as a transport throughout the lakes while as Houseboat is a house that floats.
  • Shikara seats upto 4 people in it while as houseboat has few bedrooms, a dining room and a washroom that makes it a primary home for visitors and usually honeymoon couples.
  • Shikara used as a transport keeps going here and there while as some houseboats are motorised and some are not and are kept at a fixed place.
  • Shikara has dimensions of upto 30 feets while as a houseboat spread upto 130 feets. Shikara has a usual rooftop while as the houseboat has a ‘Khatamband’ ceiling that’s most famous and costly in kashmir
  • The cost of shikara goes upto 2 lac while as houseboat costs from 2 – 4 crores due to special carvings (mostly of walnut), full fledged panelling and all the facilities of the home available.

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How many people sit in Shikara in Dal Lake

A usual shikara seats 4 people with the arrangements of the heavy cushions in between, an inspiration from Mughal style and a driver who paddles at the rear. Shikaras are not only used as a transport for tourists and locals but also for fishing and other purposes.

Which lake is famous for Shikara ride in Kashmir

Dal lake is the most famous place to enjoy and experience a shikara ride.
In Dal lake you can see a lots of shikara owners waiting for their customers. The most impeccable thing to ensure is the sunset at Dal lake. It is something that no one wants to miss at all and at no cost. Dal lake is surrounded by beautiful zabarwan ranges that makes riding in it more overwhelming. While riding in a Dal lake you can visit to Nehru park situated in it where there are several cafe shops to enjoy small brunches. Besides, there is the most famous island in Dal called ‘Char Chinari’ , having 4 majestic chinars at four corners and thus known for their names. Riding in shikara in dal lake is mostly famous for its photography too where one can experience an impeccable scenary around. At one end is the holiest shrine ‘Dargah’ also known for its beauty and religious fervor.
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What is the best time for the Shikara ride in Kashmir

The best time to enjoy Shikara ride in kashmir is in summer season (may-october). This season gives an opportunity to see the exquisite beauty, traditions and scenic view of the valley and its famous places. During winter season the lake comes to minus temperature and freezes down that makes it perfect for ice skating and not for rides. During summers one can go for shikara ride at any time of the day from 10 am. However, mostly you can see even locals visiting dal lake during evenings and that of tourists too. Evening makes it more pleasurable due to pleasant weather and time of sunset , an experience like no other. Visitors too want to enjoy it on nights and can easily book one to enjoy beautiful night ride.
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What is Shikara in Kashmir made up of?

Shikara is a traditional boat used as a taxi in Dal lake. Its seems to be an ordinary baot but it is not. It is made of expensive wood called ‘Deodor’ or ‘Cedar’ that is known for its durability. 

How much does a Shikara boat cost in Kashmir

 The deodor used to make one shikara boat costs around 1 lac and 80 thousand rupees. It is about 20 – 40 feet in its dimensions with 4 thumbs standing on it and holding its rooftop.

What is the best time to visit floating market in Dal Lake

The market opens after the Azaan (morning prayer of Muslim) so the timing keeps on varrying, on a broad basis it is from 5am in summers and 6.30am in winters.

What is the shape of Shikara in Kashmir

Shikara has a conspicuous spade base that resembles to no other water vehicle.

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    Frequently asked questions about Shikara ride in Dal Lake

    Yes. that way you will save alot of time and hassle. call on 7051909192

    No. shikara is used for transfer while as houseboat is like house on water

    Dal Lake is best when it comes to shikara boating

    it is 100% safe

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    Call on 7051909192 for instant booking and hassle-free ride

    If you have booked houseboat then the transfer from Ghat to houseboat is complimentary addition transfer will cost you Rs.100.

    You can dress any clothing. There is no restriction on that. Better to be modest.

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