Paragliding in Kashmir

Kashmir the place well know for its natural beauty and culture also has the another side which traditional tourist miss to explore, that is the adrenaline rushing activities in Kashmir like paragliding, hot air balloon, river rafting, Gulmarg gondola and others. You can experience the thrill of having the birdseye view of the whole valley by the paragliding ride. Paragliding in Kashmir doesn’t require any prior training. The pilot of the glider will assist in your flight from the take-off to landing safely. 

How much Paragliding in Kashmir Cost?

 There are several paragliding packages available for the guests. Price of the paragliding ride in Kashmir is just Rs. 3500/person. The paragliding in Kashmir is the longest and at the same time the cheapest in whole of the India.


Transportation: The driver will pickup you and take you to the camping site. where you have enter you credentials into the form 

Equipment: The safety gears are included like helmet and gloves

Professional guide: The paraglider in Kashmir have 2 seats, so the guide will be with you for the whole of the journey 



Paragliding in Kashmir

Can we take picture during Paragliding in Kashmir ?

During the flight, passengers will witness panoramic views of the Pir Panjal Range, the Zabarwan Range, and even glimpse inside the Dachigam National Park. The flight also offers stunning views of Srinagar city, including the Dal Lake and the Harwan and Shalimar Mughal gardens. Passengers can take their own pictures or rent a professional GO Pro Camera to capture photos and videos in professional HD quality to share with friends and family.

What is the Duration of Paragliding in Kashmir ?

The adventure begins with a 15-minute car ride from Harwan uphill to Astanmarg Takeoff Point, located 2,100 feet above the Landing Zone. Upon arrival, passengers will need to complete some paperwork, including filling and signing the Indemnity bond and collecting their flight pass. The pilot will then explain the flight process step-by-step, ensuring passengers feel confident and relaxed. Once the wind direction is favourable, the pilot will pull the glider steadily above the passenger’s head, check the lines, and take a few big steps towards the edge before taking off

How To Book Paragliding in Kashmir ?

Is prior experience required for Paragliding in Kashmir ?

No, prior experience is required for paragliding in Kashmir, as all flights are accompanied by a trained pilot who flies with the passenger. Both the passenger and pilot have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and to the wing for maximum safety and comfort. The pilot has full control of the glider, allowing the passenger to sit back, relax and enjoy the pure flight experience.

What is the Best time for Paragliding in Kashmir ?

Best Time for Paragliding in Kashmir is from April to November, with daily flights from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, depending on the weather conditions. It is important to check local weather conditions and book time slots before heading to the Takeoff site. Passengers should wear comfortable clothes and good shoes, as saris and high heels are not allowed. The maximum weight allowed is 100 kg/220 lbs, and the minimum weight allowed is 40 Kg/88 lbs.

Important Point To Note Before Paragliding

Things you should know before paragliding

Take Off SiteAstanmarg Harwan Srinagar
2'255 m / 7'400 ft
Landing fieldChandpora Harwan Srinagar
1615 m / 5'300 ft
Pickup PointHarwan bridge adjacent to the Garden
Airtime10 to 12 minutes approx
Total Duration60 minutes
SeasonYear Round from April to November
Daily Flight
Daily 0800 to 1830 Hrs depending on
weather conditions. Please enquire local
weather conditions and book time slots
before going to the Takeoff site.
What to bringComfortable clothes and good shoes.
Sari and high heels are not allowed.
Maximum Weight100 kg / 220 lbs
PriceRs 4000

Route Map to Astanmarg Paragliding Takeoff Site

What is the pick up point for Paragliding in Srinagar ?

The pick up point for Paragliding in Srinagar is at harwan bridge which is 2 min or Adjacent to Harwan garden .

How to Book Paragliding in Srinagar?

You can book paragliding in Srinagar easily by calling/WhatsApp on : +917051909192

What is the total duration of Paragliding in Srinagar ?

The total time take for paragliding in kashmir is 5-10 minutes and 2 hours for the whole activity i.e. from Pickup to Drop off

What is the Cost of Paragliding in Srinagar ?

The cost of Paragliding in Srinagar is Rs.4000 INR  which include Transportation from Harwan to astanmarg also.

Where will I get the best services for Paragliding in Kashmir?

The best paragliding service in kashmir is non-other than Tripmore as we provide all types of activities in kashmir. Contact no: +917051909192

Which are the best places for Paragliding in Jammu and Kashmir?

The best place for paragliding in Jammu and Kashmir is at Astanmarg Srinagar Kashmir , Gulmarg Kashmir .

How fast can a paraglider go?

The paraglider in kashmir can go as fast as 60Km/hour and the max is 150km/hour. 

Where can i start paragliding in Srinagar From ?

You will start your Paragliding activity from Astanmarg a mountain top at Dara , Srinagar

Is it necessary to book paragliding activities in Srinagar in Advance?

Yes, you need to book paragliding in advance as there many traveller who are participating in Paragliding in kashmir so its better to book your slot in advance

Besides Paragliding, which other activities one should definitely try once in Kashmir?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of paragliding in kashmir is Rs.4,000 INR which include paragliding cost and Transportation from Harwan Garden.

    No, there is no business that claims to avail paragliding service in Gulmarg in 2023.  You can enjoy horse riding in Gulmarg, Gulmarg gondola ride, Skiing in Gulmarg and others

    INR 4000. including the transportation

    Yes, you can do paragliding at Patni Top and Astanmarg Srinagar.

    You can get in touch with Paragliding reservation :+91-7051909192

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