Boat House Srinagar​

Boathouse in Srinagar is a unique and relaxing accomodation option situated on the Dal Lake. It a traditional kashmiri houseboat that offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty and culture of this enchanting valley

Boathouse in Kashmir

The boathouse in Kashmir is a truly unique accommodation option that is perfect for the visitors.As the Boathouse is made entirely of cedar wood, giving it a warm and inviting atmosphere.Traveller can enjoy the comfortable cozy king-sized bedroom , spacious living area and dining room that servers delicious Kashmiri Wazvan . The rooftop desk provides stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains.You can enjoy the morning breakfast while watching dazzling beauty of Dal Lake.

Staying at Boathouse is unique experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life. You can easily book an relaxing shikara ride in dal Lake and visit the nearby markets and bazaars which are full of local handicrafts , spices and other treasure

boathouse in Srinagar

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Akbar Heritage Houseboat
Khiloona Houseboat
Swan Group of Houseboat
Anarkali Houseboat

Best Boat House in Srinagar

If you are looking for a serene and breathtaking gateway in Srinagar, then the best boat house in Srinagar for you would be the Sukoon Houseboat. Nestled amidst the calm waters of Dal Lake , The Sukoon Boathouse offers a truly unforgettable experience .

The Houseboat features a intricately carved wooden interiors giving it a premuim Kashmiri touch. Each room is adorned with comfortable beds and plush furnishings ensuring a cozy stay as well as the spacious desk that offers stunning views of the surronding snow-capped mountains and the shimmering lake

Experience Serenity on a Boat House in Srinagar

Book your stay at a traditional houseboat in Srinagar today and experience the ultimate Kashmiri gateway with Tripmore. Contact us Now to reserve your spot and create unforgettable memories

How To Book Boathouse in Srinagar

  • Step 1

    You need to visit or call/whatsApp on:+917051909192

  • Step 2

    Choose your Houseboat of your liking from the list of available Houseboat

  • Step 3

    After Choosing your houseboat, you can make an advance payment of 30% to confirm your booking

  • Step 4

    Done , you will receive your confirmation on your Mail / WhatsApp.

Srinagar Boathouse Online Booking

If you’re planning a trip to Srinagar and are intrested in experiencing the beauty and tranquility of a houseboat on Dal Lake , then you will be happy to know that you can easily make your booking online by visiting or by calling/whatsapp on :+917051909192

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    The cost of houseboat in kashmir starts from 2000/night

    The cost of houseboat in kashmir starts from 2000/night

    You can visit and choose from no. of houseboat