Pony Ride in Kashmir

Pony ride in Kashmir is a must to do activity while you are in Kashmir. This natural mode of transportation gives you the natural vibe of the landscaping and surroundings. Ponies in Kashmir take you to the all the natural and serene destinations where commercial bikes and vehicles can’t go.
The ponies in Kashmir are accompanied by the experienced guides to ensure your safety and tell you all the memorable tales of Kashmir. The ponies used to tour guests are well trained and are safe

Jammu Kashmir Government Pony rate list 2023-2024

pony ride in kashmir
pony ride in pahalgam rates

How to book pony ride in Kashmir online

With Tripmore online pony booking portal you can directly book on our website www.tripmore.in or call 24 hours helpline 7051909192

Places to do pony ride in Kashmir

Horse rides in Kashmir are one of the topmost enjoyable things to do even with the children and it can be adored at more than a few places. Some of the well-known routes and places where visitors can appreciate horse riding in Kashmir are:

1.      Gulmarg.

2.      Sonmarg

3.      Pahalgam.

4.     Doodpathri

The Kashmir valley is blessed with many elegant destinations like Gulmarg, Yusmarg, Pahalgam, Kokernag, Sonmarg where tourists can relish horse rides.

Travelling the attractive and noticeable countryside on a horseback is a widespread movement in Kashmir. Pony riding is an earliest way of drifting around the stunning valleys and mountainous places of Kashmir. Today, many tourists counting the family vacationists and solo operators use this chance to relish the supreme natural beauty of the prevalent tourist magnetism as well as some pretty slighter known terminus’s as well.

Places to visit by pony ride in Pahalgam

  •  Tulian Lake is quite a contrast to the snow-capped mountains. No wonder it is one of the most iconic attractions in the Pahalgam region, and the best way to explore Tulian lake is by pony ride.
  •   Betaab Valley, the beauty of the valley is breathtaking as it is the most beautiful place among all the attractions of pahalgam, and pony rides will make you fall in love with the valley.
  • Chandanwari is well-known for being the base, or initial point of the famous Hindu journey site. And pony rides are the best way to sightsee chandanwari.

There are many more in pahalgam to visit by pony ride like, Mamleshwar Temple, Baisaran, Panchtarni.

Pony ride cost in Pahalgam 2023-2024

The Cost of the pony ride depends on hours of the ride and points to cover.

Best pony ride in Pahalgam is to visit Baisran → Dabyan Valley → Kashmir Valley in just 3700/person for full day

Pony ride cost in PahalgamCost in Rupees/person
Baisran → Dabyan Valley → Kashmir Valley3700
Kashmir Valley1230
Old Shikargah1650
Baisaran- Mini Switzerland1320
Denow Valley1650
Pahalgam Valley700
Cost of pony to Kashmir Valley

The cost of pony ride to Kashmir Valley from Pahalgam main market is Rs.1230/person

Cost of pony to Old Shikargah

The cost of pony ride to Old Shikargah from Pahalgam main market is Rs.1650/person

Cost of pony to Baisaran - Mini Switzerland

The cost of pony ride to Baisaran – Mini Switzerland from Pahalgam main market is Rs.1320/person

Price of Pony from Pahalgam to Baisaran

Price of Pony from Pahalgam to Baisaran as of 2024 is Rs 1320 per person. 

Hire Pony to Baisaran Valley in Pahalgam

To Hire a Pony to Baisaran Valley in Pahalgam on the best price, Contact Tripmore on 7051909192

Visit Baisaran Valley on a Horse

Visit Baisaran Valley on a horse at a affordable price of Rs 1320 Per Person. If you have any queries related to pony ride call us on 7051909192

Cheapest Pony ride to Baisaran

Cheapest Pony Ride to Baisaran valley will cost you only Rs 1320 per head. For bookings for the said price contact Truomore now.

Cost of pony to Denow Valley

The cost of pony ride to Denow Valley from Pahalgam main market is Rs.1650/person

Cost of pony to Kanimarg

The cost of pony ride to Kanimarg from Pahalgam main market is Rs.1760/person

Cost of pony to Waterfall

The cost of pony ride to Waterfall from Pahalgam main market is Rs.800/person

Pahalgam Sightseeing By Horse

You can do complete Pahalgam Sightseeing by horse at an affortable price of Rs 3700 per person. The pony ride will start from Pahalgam to Baisran then to Dabyan Valley then to Kashmir Valley.

Pony ride cost to Pahalgam Valley

The cost of pony ride to Pahalgam Valley from Pahalgam main market is Rs.700/person

Where is Mini Switzerland in Kashmir?

Baisaran Valley is called Mini Switzerland in Jammu and Kashmir. If you want to to a pony ride to Mini Switzerland or Baisaran, You can call us on 7051909192

Horse Ride To Mini Switzerland from Pahalgam

Horse Ride to Mini Switzerland from Pahalgam is available with Tripmore. Contact our reservation to arrange a pony ride now 

Price of visiting Mini Switzerland on Pony in Kashmir

Price of Visiting Mini Switzerland on Pony in Kashmir is:

  • Rs 1320 Only
Pre book Horse Ride for Baisaran

Pre book Horse Ride now and then you don’t need to worry about the availability. Tripmore will keep a Horse ready for you when you reach at Pahalgam. 

Is Baisaran and Mini Switzerland same in Kashmir?

Yes, Baisaran valley is known as the Mini Switzerland of Kashmir.

Cost of pony ride to Mini Switzerland

Price of Pony to Mini Switzerland as of 2024 will be  Rs 1320 per person. 

Rate for Pony Ride to Baisaran

Rate for Pony Ride to Baisaran is Rs 1320. 

Rate for Horse Ride to Baisaran from Pahalgam

As per updated price list in 2024, The rate of horse ride to baisaran from Pahalgam is Rs 1320

Places to visit by pony ride in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir and is known for pony rides in Kashmir. Tourists do visit Gulmarg specially for pony ride, Pony ride in Kashmir: It is not just an activity but a balminess from a local to get such beautiful activity at their place. Kashmir is well known with spectacular beauty that astonishes include snow-capped foothills, mountains ranges and peaks.

There are many places in Gulmarg to be seen through pony ride such as:

  • Khilanmarg:
    • Carpeted with plant life in summer, Khilanmarg is an up hilly trip from Gulmarg. It offers an unrivalled vision of the peaks and the wide scattering waters of Wulur and additional lakes.
    • Alpather Lake also known as Frozen Lake
    • This lake is at the base of main Affarwat peak and deceits just behind the crest unravelling them from the Khilanmarg. The icy waters of the lake continue freezing till the mid of June and bring fluctuating snow. A strong mark pony track joins Affarwat edge with Gulmarg.
  • Ningal Nallah
    • This watercourse flows from the ice bed and spirals near Affarwat and Alpather and slashes through attractive pine forests.

  • Ziarat of Baba Reshi

         A Muslim monument 5 kms from the central gap of the east of the Gulmarg gorge. The way leads down through dense forests.

         Apart from these places people also visit Botapathri Gondola Golf Course Mata Ka Mandir by pony ride in Gulmarg.

Pony ride in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is best know for its meadows in Kashmir. There are alot of activities do in Gulmarg in Snow like Snow Ski, Snow-boarding, Snowbiking and others. In Summers the best activity after Gulmarg Gondola is Pony ride.

Gulmarg horse ride price

The pricing of the horse ride in Gulmarg for a decent tour to Khilanmarg of 5hours it will be 4000/person

Pony ride in GulmargPrice/Person
Khilanmarg Tour4000

Gulmarg horse riding

This is the best adrenaline rush activity to do in Gulmarg and suitable for all age groups. Kids, youngesters and all can enjoy the smooth ride. 
Caution: Those who are suffering from the back pain or elderly aged, better to enjoy the Gulmarg Gondola.
We provide all the activities get in touch by calling Ms.Mahreen @7051909192

Points to cover in Gulmarg by pony

You can take a short ride or for full day. the best points to cover are

  1. Khilanmarg
  2. Alpathar lake
  3. Strawberry Valley
  4. Ningle Nallah
  5. Mata ka Madir
  6. Maharaja Palace
  7. Childerns Park

How to book pony ride in Gulmarg online

You can visit official website of Tripmore or for instant booking call on 7051909192. Once your booking is confirmed the pony men will be waiting there at Gulmarg main market with the ponies to make your trip memorable.

We also help in booking Tulip Garden Tickets feel free to get in touch.

Places to visit by pony ride in Sonmarg

If there is a land-living that is clean gold, it is Sonamarg. Gorgeous beyond our mind’s range, Sonamarg visitors’ places are filled with the splendid mountainous countryside of Sonmarg differentiates it from the rest of the realm.

Horse or pony riding in Sonmarg is not only a leisure sport, but it is also an inimitable way to see the area’s natural arrays and landscape. Through Sonmarg, one may get a sense of the intense beauty that Kashmir has to offer. While horseback riding, you can take in the turquoise blue watercourses and attractive frost highlands that border you.

Some places to visit by pony ride in Sonmarg:

1. Baltal Valley: Baltal is a mesmeric valley along the well-known Sindh River containing mountains, grazing land, glaciers, and waterfalls. And in baltal valley is the most likable thing visitors usually prefer to do.
2. Krishansar lake: Krishansar is a prodigy in winter time as the lake freezes. Its liquid also changes colour as per the weather of the day time. One can hike to Krishansar and treat themselves to picturesque passes. Pony ride is accessible to make you enjoy the scenery of Krishansar.
3. Sarbal Village: Sarbal is one of the last existing rural communities of Kashmir rich with fabulous grazing land, sheds and some astonishing locals who will enthrall you in their stories, nutriment, and friendliness. It is a perfect pony ride site among other Sonmarg sightseeing places, and we have made pony rides affordable for you in Sarbal village.
4. Table top: A part of Kashmir’s beautiful lakes trek, Table top springs you a comprehensive stunning sight of Sonmarg that is divine. With hilly trees, huge peaks, and lavish greenery, it is an essence of tranquillity, compared to the other traveller places in Sonmarg, and pony in Sarbal is always available for tourists to take a ride on horseback and enjoy the beauty of Sarbal village.
5. Thajiwas Glacier: The ‘Charm of Kashmir’, Thajiwas is perfection, the glacier is famous for activities like climbing, luging, and pony rides. People visit Thajiwas glacier specially for pony rides, for Its frozen laze and snow covered peaks.

 you can enjoy pony ride in many other places in Sonmarg like, zero Point, zoji la, Gadsar LakeGangabal Lake

Pony ride in Sonmarg

Sonmarg a places known for the yellow flowers, white waters and glaciers. Just 79km from Srinagar is the best hill station and base camp for multiple treks in Kashmir. One of the must to do activity in Sonmarg is pony ride. The pony tour in Sonmarg takes the visitors to breath taking Thajiwas Glacier. This beautiful destination is only accessed by the horses. 
The distance from the main market to Thajiwas Glacier is 3km. You can also visit last village of Kashmir.

Also see Amarnath Helicopter booking online

Pony ride in SonamrgPrice/Person
Thajiwas Tour4000

Sonmarg horse ride price

The pricing of the horse depends on the time of visit, points to cover and duration of the journey. For a decent tour to Thajiwas Glacier of 4-5hours it will be 4000/person

Horse ride in Kashmir

Horse ride in Kashmir is best suitable activity for all visitors. The best and famous locations for the pony/horse ride in Kashmir are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Yousmarg and Doodpathri.
You can call Ms. Mahreen on 7051909192 for same day booking of horse ride in Kashmir

Prepaid pony in Kashmir

Conventional ways to book pony in Kashmir is full of hassle and hard bargain. Tripmore has come up with the best solution to book your pony in Kashmir from the comfort of your home. You can now book your pony ride anywhere in Kashmir by visiting www.tripmore.in

Pony ride in Doodhpathri

Doodhpathri well know for its lush green meadows and located in south west 45km from Srinagar. This is also one of the best locations to enjoy the pony ride at very effective prices. 

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