Amarnath Helicopter Booking

Amarnath Helicopter booking online is a convenient and easy way to do the Holy Yatra of Lord Shiva’s ice lingam. The Devotees can trek to the Holy Cave but that is often tiring and time consuming. 


Amarnath cave is nested in the spiritual land of Jammu and Kashmir. Every years thousands and thousands of devotees gather all around the world in the month of July and August to do the Holy Yatra of Amarnath and pay the visit to Lord Shiv’s Lingam. The conventional means of travelling to the Holy places is via stony treks and by ponies which is sometimes not suitable for the devotees who have health issues, pregnancy, travelling with kids or tight on time. Amarnath Heli service is the perfect mode of transport where a devotee can pay the visit in less time and comfortably also enjoying the aerial view of the Himalayas.

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter price chart

Amarnath Helicopter booking online

Due to its popularity, advance booking of Amarnath Yatra Helicopter tickets is highly recommended. This ensures you have a reserved to avoid the disappointment of being turned down on the day of your visit. 

Tripmore is a trusted travel agency that makes it easy to plan your trip and secure your heli tickets. With our user-friendly website and dedicated customer service team, booking your Amarnath Heli tickets was never that easier


Contact Number: Shri Amarnath Shrine Board


2nd Floor, Block- III, Engineering Complex, Raj Bagh Srinagar, Pin Code: 190008, May to Oct
Phone No. : +91-194-2313146, 2313147, 2313148, 2313149
Tele Fax: +91-194-2501679

Amarnath yatra 2024 Helicopter Ticket Price

The cost of the Helicopter Ticket varies from Axix to Axix and Journey to Journey. Below is the table of the updated cost July 2024

Cost of Helicopter Tickets

RouteOne Way PriceTwo Way Price
  • Neelgrath to Panjtarni to Neelgrath
  • Pahalgam to Panjtarni to Pahalgam
₹4900 ₹9800

How To Book Amarnath Helicopter Ticket

Booking Amarnath Helicopter tickets in Kashmir is made easier with the online portal of Tripmore, now you can directly book your Helicopter tickets in the following steps

Visit  Tripmore’s website (
Click on Amarnath Helicopter Booking 
Select the preferred route
Select  Date and Time
Enter Name as per the Govt id and Email Address along with the names of other guests joining you
Make the Payment

Shortly after the payment, you will receive a Helicopter booking confirmation in your mail.

You can also directly call on 7051909192 for instant bookings

Amarnath Yatra helicopter booking

Safety Guidelines of Amarnath Helicopter service

  • The ground staff will escort you to the helicopter kindly follow their instructions
  • Cell Phones need to be switched off or on airplane mode during the flight
  • Please keep your seat belt fastened during the flight.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcohol is prohibited inside the helicopter.
  • Photography during flight and at the helipad is prohibited
  • Passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take the flight.
  • Sharp objects or eatables are not allowed inside the flight
  • The red handles inside the helicopters can only be used in case of an emergency

Mobile Connectivity related information

  • Only post-paid Sim cards work in the region of Jammu & Kashmir
  • BSNL and JIO Sim cards are available and can be purchased at different locations including the base camp
  • At some places only BSNL network will work.

Amarnath accommodation price

There are various camping huts available for overnight stay at Baltal ,Nunwan ,Sheshnag and Panjtarni arranged by the Shrine Board through private contractors which cost between Rs 250 to Rs 375 per night. Private Tents are also available at multiple places enroute. These cost between Rs 250 to Rs 1000.

Documets mandatory for Amarnath Helicopter Booking

For availing the Amarnath Heli services, are are the list of compulsory documents.

  1. Govt id Cards (Adhaar Card/ Pan Card / Passport /Driving licence)
  2. Medical Report.

Things to carry for Amarnath Yatra

  • Umbrella, Rain cover or rainwear.
  • Carry spare socks and extra clothing.
  • Trekking or hiking shoes, gloves, Thermals and Torch.
  • Waterproof pants or trousers.
Amarnath Yatra route map

Important Tips for High Altitude Yatra travel

  • Try taking a 4 to 5 km morning or evening walk a month prior to the yatra to improve oxygen efficiency of your body
  • Use Palki and Pony service instead of trekking
  • When tired try taking short breaks
  • Look for AMS systems such as extreme tiredness, nausea, vomiting and breathing issues
  • Wear suitable trekking clothes and shoes avoid wearing a saree or slippers for the yatra.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking the yatra
  •  Use sunscreen to protect your skin
  •  Always keep your Yatra permit and Government authorized identity card handy.
  •  If you encounter a place marked by a warning sign on your way to the temple avoid stopping there.
  •  Avoid Trekking alone try joining a group.
  •  In case you are lost you can contact the public announcement system at Panjtarni
Food Arrangments at Amarnath Yatra

Free food, Water and refreshments are distributed to the Yatri’s enroute. Free Langar is also served at various locations on your way to the cave. You can also buy ration to cook food at a reasonable price from the Government depots at Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panjtarni. Multiple Stalls and restaurants are also available. Please try and carry dry snacks, canned food and dry fruits along with you. The waiting lounge at the Neelgrath Helipad, also known as Baltal has a cafeteria that can be used as well.

Can we book Amarnath Helicopter tickets online

Yes! it is possible and easy to book Amarnath tickets online. The booking process is very simplified. Visitors can book their ride online by visiting the official website of Tripmore Travels and select the date of travel, number of guests, number of stages/phases and visit time.
The cost of the Helicopter service are under.

  • Neelgrath to Panjtarni to Neelgrath : Known as the Baltal axis costs ₹3250 one way & ₹6500 for return journey.
  • Pahalgam to Panjtarni to Pahalgam: Know as the Pahalgam axix costs ₹4900 one way & ₹9800 for return journey.

All the tickets are subject to availability so make sure to book Heli Yatra tickets as soon as you finalizing your Kashmir Trip

There is no counter to book the Helicopter service to Amarnath offline, so prebook the tickets in order to avoid last moment hassle

There is age restriction on the travelling persons with age below 13 years and above 70 years are not allowed.

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Route of YatraNeelgrath to PanjtarniPahalgam to Panjtarni
One way ₹3250 ₹4900
Return way ₹6500 ₹9800
Online Amarnath Helicopter Booking

Kashmir is known for its impeccable beauty. It is known for its tourist attraction places, its traditions, culture and religious shrines. Among them is the one of the oldest pilgrimage to Lord Shiv’s Lingam. There are multiple operators who operates  the Helicopter

  1. Global vector helicrop limited – Baltal route
  2. Arrow aircraft pvt limited – Baltal route
  3. Heritage aviation – Pahalgam route
  4. Pawan Hans Ltd – Srinagar to Pahalgam route
  5. Pawan Hans Ltd – Srinagar to Sonmarg route.
Things to know about Amarnath Yatra 2024
  •       You must obtain a medical certificate issued by an Authorised hospital/doctor in your state.
  • Photo used should be in a JPEG or JPG format and the size should not exceed 1MB.
  • Medical certificate uploaded should be in a PDF format while registering and the size should not exceed 1MB
  • The age bar is between 13 to 70 years, anyone younger or older will not be allowed.
  • Pregnant woman for more than 6 weeks will not be allowed to take the yatra
  • You must carry your original Photo ID and Medical Certificate while taking the yatra.
Amarnath Holi cave Height

The drop off location of the helicopter is at Panjtarni at height of 3657 meters (12000 ft). Devotes may feel altitude sickness. the best way to treat that is by using sour fruits or dry fruits. For the pilgrims there are medical post you can visit there for the instant medication.

For clothing part, better to take wind cheater jackets along with you as the climate changes rapidly,

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Route

Yatri’s can now travel directly from Srinagar to Panchtarni or Neelgrath and complete their yatra in a day. Previously Helicopter services were only available for 2 routes but now one can avail it between 4 routes.
You can avail it from 
1.Srinagar to Neelgrath
2.Srinagar to Pahelgam
3.Neelgrath to Panchtarni
4.Pahelgam to Panchtarni 

which includes a total of 11 helicopters that are available, because of the additions for the 2 new routes its not easier to finish the yatra on the same day. You can also use the helicopter service to travel one way.

Why Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter

There are multiples advantages of the helicopter service over the conventional treks to the Amarnath Holi cave.

  • Time efficient
  • No hassle of carrying food items and clothing for trek
  • Suitable for any all group
  • Breathtaking and stunning aerial views

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About Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board

Lord Shiva is highly regarded and popular amongst all the Hindu Dieties. To pay homage to the Holy Ice lingam which reaches its maximum around July and August because of the collection of Ice from the water dripping from the top of the cave.

The devotees take the pilgrimage to the Holy cave shrine located in the valley of Kashmir in the months of July and August. This Shrine is managed by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine board also called SASB. This board was formed by an Act of Jammu and Kashmir state Legislature in 2000. This board is responsible for managing the Yatra, upgrading the facilities of the pilgrimage as and when required.

Health Advisory of Amarnath Yatra

The Holy cave is situated at an altitude of 13500 ft . As the journey is only for a day your body may not get enough time to acclimatize to the low oxygen levels hence please do not exert yourself. It is advised you don’t trek for your journey to the holy cave and back instead use a horse.

Some of the common high-altitude sicknesses and their symptoms are listed below for your reference.

  1. Acute Mountain Sickness – Travelling to a high elevation without letting your body adjust to the altitude may result in your experiencing acute mountain sickness.

Symptoms- Headache, Nausea, breathing issues, Vomiting, Weakness and loss of apetite

   2 . High Altitude Cerebral Edema – High alititude cerebral edema also called as HACE is a severe form of acute mountain sickness which can also lead to coma and death within 24 hours if not diagnosed and treated effectively

Symptoms- Breathing problems, vision defect, Fatigue , disorientation or confusion and partial paralysis

  1. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema – High altitude pulmonary edema also known as HAPE is a fatal form of altitude sickness causing respiratory failure leading to death.

Symptoms- Dry cough , Weakness, Breathing issues

gulmarg gondola updated 2023
Helicopter fare from Srinagar to Amarnath holy cave via Baltal updated 2024
FromToFare in Rupees
Srinagar to Baltal/Neelgrath Helicopter Price

Srinagar to Baltal by road is 93km and takes around 3 hours by road depending on the conditions of the road.

Srinagar to Baltal helicopter price is ₹11700 one way and return way is ₹23400

Baltal/Neelgrath to Amarnath Helicopter Price

There are multiple routes to reach Amarnath ji cave from Srinagar. The best and less tiring route is via Srinagar to Baltal to Amarnath. the Distance between Baltal and Amarnath is 14km. 

Baltal to Amarnath helicopter price is 3250 one way and return way is 6500

Srinagar to Pahalgam Helicopter Price

Srinagar to Baltal by road is 90km and takes around 3 hours by road depending on the conditions of the road.

Srinagar to Pahalgam helicopter price is ₹10800 one way and return way is ₹21600

Pahalgam to Amarnath Helicopter Price

By walk this is less steep but is long as is comparison to Baltal axis. it is 36kms

Pahalgam to Amarnath helicopter price is 4900 one way and return way is 9800

Helicopter fare from Srinagar to Amarnath holy cave via Pahalgam updated 2024
FromToFare in Rupees
How to reach Baltal Helipad

Srinagar to Baltal distance is 93 kms and takes are 3 hours to reach. there are 3 ways to reach the Helipad.

  1. Private Taxi from Srinagar Airport/Railway station directly upto Baltal Helipad
  2. Govt bus service. you can take bus from Airport → Lal Chowk
    Later sharing cab from Lal chowk → Gandarbal
    afterwards Gandarbal → Sonmarg.
    then Sonmarg→ Baltal
    (Cheap but most tiring and time consuming mode of transportation)
  3. Helicopter Service. Airport → Srinagar Helipad → Baltal Helipad. (Best and fastest)

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Amarnath yatra by helicopter
Max group size for the Amarnath Helicopter booking

Although there was no restriction on the group size in previous years. Starting this year that is 2024 the maximum number of guests that can travel in a group is 5 persons

Which Helicopter service should one prefer for Amarnath Yatra

All the routes will drop you at Panjtarni Helipad however distance between Panjtarni and Sonmarg is shorter hence the helicopter service cost is cheaper for this route.

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter operators
  1. Global vector Heli crop limited 
  2. Arrow aircraft pvt limited 
  3. Heritage aviation
  4. Pawan Hans Ltd.
What are the available time slots for the Amarnath Helicopter ride

There are 4 slots for the Amarnath Helicopter ride.

  • 6am – 9am
  • 9am – 12pm
  • 12pm – 3pm
  • 3pm – 6pm

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    What are the terms and conditions of the Amarnath helicopter ticket

    There are few things that you must keep in mind while booking the Helicopter Tickets

    • Under no circumstance shall a request for refund/re-scheduling/cancellation/editing be allowed once a ticket has been booked.
    • If a heli passenger books the last slot during any day, he/she may be required to stay at Panjtarni due to inadvertent weather conditions, etc. Accommodation arrangements are available at Panjtarni on a payment basis.
    • Since the journey from Panjtarni helipad to the Holy Cave and back requires a significant amount of time, there will be a minimum gap of 6 hours between the available slots for the to and fro heli-travel
    Why choose Tripmore For Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Bookings?

    In Conclusion at Tripmore Tour and Travels we believe in Quality, Safety and Hospitality. we will provide you the best Helicopter booking services for Amarnath yatra, which would make your pilgrimage more comfortable. We work with only the best service providers across the valley, and try to bring value to you. We have 4.9+ rating on Google and we continue to be the best in the valley. We are Proud to Provide our service to you .

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    FAQ's Related to Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking

    Yes you can directly call on 7051909192 for instant booking

    Every year devotee of Hindu religion come to pay their visit to the Lord Shiv’s Lingam, which is nested in the lush green Himalayas of Kashmir

    Just you medical report and Adhaar card is mandatory 

    These are time slots:

    6am to 9am
    — 9am to 12pm
    — 12pm to 3pm
    — 3pm to 6pm.

    the max number of persons in a single booking is 5

    Panjtarni Helipad. Helicopters from the both (Pahalgam and Neelgrath axis drops the guests there)

    The helicopter will drop you at Panjtarni, which is the base camp of Amarnath Cave

    Healthy person of age 13 to 70 years are allowed for the Amaranth Yatra

    Neelgrath to Panjtarni helicopter is only ₹2800. book online by calling 7051909192 or visit

    Yes that is possible, you can call on 7051909192 for instant online booking.

    Visit official website of Tripmore Travels or call on 7051909192 for instant booking.

    With the efficient team of Shrine board, they make sure that your travel is hassle-free and safe

    The helicopter services to Amarnath started on 1st July 2023.
    It will be operational for 62 days (about 2 months) from 1st July to 31st August 2023

    Registration started on June 22th 2024

    June 2024 to August 2024

    Yes there is a baggage limitation one can only carry a maximum of 5 kg.

    Yes you can use the helicopter service to complete your yatra . You can simply use our website to book your tickets or call us directly on 7051909192

    Yes, a health certificate is needed

    Yes, due to bad weather conditions your flight might be cancelled and rescheduled for the next slot or day. Tripmore will not be liable for the cancelled flight.