Kashmir is a beautiful place as we all know that Kashmir is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Yousmarg, etc. are known for their beautiful landscapes and heart-touching scenery. Kashmir has been provided with the best natural landscapes and natural beauty in its wide range of mountains people all around the world come to Kashmir and enjoy the natural landscapes and beauty of nature. But Kashmir’s real beauty lies in the people that live here. Kashmiri People are known for their hospitality and warmth. They have been welcoming tourists from around the world since ancient times. Their warm smile and open-mindedness have helped them earn the title of being the friendliest people in the world. Tourists that visit here need some means to travel all around Kashmir and here our taxi services come into the picture.

Snow in Kashmir

Taxi is the most common form of transport in Kashmir. It is the most reliable and cheapest mode of transport in this region. Taxis are also used to generate income for the drivers as well as their families. The taxi industry has also seen an increase in demand and the availability of taxis. Taxis are now available at all hours of the day, even during night-time.

To keep up with this demand, taxi drivers have started accepting online payments and have installed GPS systems for better navigation. As tourism in Kashmir is growing there is also a growing demand for transport facilities for tourists and our taxi rental agencies have given a solution to this demand by making bookings easy and cheap also now people can book a taxi online by sitting at home he doesn’t need to rush anywhere to book a Taxi or Cab. This service is not only restricted to Kashmir but you can also travel to Yousmarg, Aharbal, Katra, Jammu, Kargil, Leh, Nubra valley, Pangong Lake, TsoMoriori, and all the other surreal places.

There are lots of taxis in Srinagar, especially in the old city area, they are known as auto-taxis or auto-rickshaws, they are cheaper than regular taxis and they don’t follow meters. You can easily hail them anywhere in the city. With these taxis, you can only explore Srinagar or the old city but when it comes to visiting higher reaches like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg we cannot take these auto-rickshaws so for that we require taxis like Innova, Xylo, Sumo, etc. Many Cab services offer these cabs to tourists and assist them in visiting different places and exploring the beauty of Kashmir. There are different types of taxis in Kashmir. Some of them are luxury cars, others are normal family sedans. Most of the taxis in Kashmir are Toyota Fortuner, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Indica, Ford Figo, Honda City, etc. There are taxis everywhere, especially in Srinagar. You can find them at the airports, railway stations, bus stops, and even outside your hotel.

Taxi Drivers

The taxi drivers are residents of Kashmir. They know the best places to visit in Srinagar. These taxi drivers are well-trained locals. They speak fluent English and have good knowledge of the city. In Kashmir, taxi drivers speak Hindi, Urdu, English, and Kashmiri. Taxi drivers in Kashmir are very polite and kind-hearted. They often help passengers by dropping them off for free if they do not have money. The kind-heartedness and the hospitality of Kashmir can also be seen in its Taxi drivers. Taxi drivers in Kashmir are Entertaining and very punctual. They will never let you feel boredom in Cab/Taxi as they can tell stories about the best places of Kashmir and they can also act as Guides and will help you explore the valley in a better way. Taxi drivers are well-skilled drivers and have good experience in driving and further, they usually know everything about the places you are visiting and can give you the best experience by sharing the adventures you can do at that Places.

Booking a Taxi in Kashmir

It is very easy to find an auto-rickshaw in Kashmir as they are very common and are present at every place but when you’ve to book a Cab or other Transport like Innova, Sumo, etc. you can book them by visiting the offices of travel agents but this process has also been made easy you can now book any Cab/Taxi by directly from your home although there is no OLA or Uber in Kashmir, there are many platforms from which you can book a taxi ride or you can book taxi for the whole day to travel and explore the beauty of Kashmir. Many travel planning apps provide you with Taxi services in Kashmir such as TripAdvisor. Many local car rental agencies have already uploaded their services online with these Travel planning apps. Car rental Agencies in Kashmir are providing the cheapest plans you can get and you can remotely book these services online from the comfort of your home. You can book your trips by visiting the websites of Car Rental agencies and then you will be provided with a wide range of cars that will be available for you and you’ve to choose which type of Car/Taxi do you want, you can choose between several cars Like

  • Sedans (Swift,Etios,Indica,Indigo).
  • Suv’s (Tavera,Innova,Ertiga,Xylo).
  • Tempo’s Traveller has 14 seats.
  • Self Drive cars (Scorpio, Thar)

From Car Rentals, you can also get Bikes for Rent and you can explore the beauty of Kashmir by traveling on bikes and can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and heart-touching scenes of beauty while riding a bike. Riding through the beautiful hill stations will be a great experience in one’s life and you can get this experience by just booking Bikes from your Fingertips.

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What are the options while booking a taxi in Kashmir?

You can either call the local taxi service providers or you can search online. You can find different types of taxis ranging from AC cabs to Non AC cabs. Now Self Drive Car Services have also been introduced and now you can take a Cab and drive it by yourself. Enjoying the Landscapes while driving gives a different kind of feel. Booking a Cab/Taxi in Kashmir is as easy as ordering food online you just have to go for a few clicks and your desired Cab/Taxi is booked. You’ve also an option of booking Bikes like Enfield Classic or Himalayan as there are many bike rental services also present in Kashmir. Further, you also have an option to go to the office of Car Rentals or you can also get Cars for rent by visiting the Tourists Reception Centre.

Local Taxis or Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws can be found at every corner in Srinagar city and are only applicable to travel the city as they cannot take you to far places but they are easily accessible as you only have to step outside your Hotel and you can find many rickshaws running in the road you just have to access one and start your journey of exploring the Srinagar city, especially the old town. Auto Rickshaws are the most widely used transport by locals as the locals of Srinagar city can access Auto Rickshaws easily and travel through these rickshaws become easier for locals as they can easily access the Auto rickshaw services by just stepping out of their homes.

Car Rental Fares

You can get the cheapest car rentals by just searching online several Taxi services in Kashmir can get your desired car at the cheapest Fare possible. Car Rental Fares Depend on the type of car you are choosing if you are choosing a Luxurious car then as usual the fare will be high as compared to the other normal cars.

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Taxi Fares are usually Based on your tours.

Normal Sedan (Swift, Etios, Indica)Rs 2500/Day
Suv’s (Tavera, Ertiga, Xylo)Rs 3000/Day
Luxurious Cars (Innova, Innova Crysta)Rs 3000-4500/Day
Tempo (14 seats)Rs 6000/Day

Now Coming to the Self-drive Cars Section.

Mahindra ScorpioRs. 5000/Day
Mahindra TharRs. 5000/Day

Self-drive cars can give you the best experience of off-roading in the valley and you will be able to explore the higher reaches of the beautiful valley. You can explore places like  Margan Top in Kokernag and other beautiful landscapes of Kashmir and a drive through these landscapes can give you a generous vibe and you will feel more energetic and positive.

Tour Packages in Kashmir

Apart from all these, you can also buy packages for your complete tour in which you will get arrival and pick up from the hotel and many other benefits like pickup and departure to airport, etc. You can buy these plans that contain 3 Days – 6 Days tour in Kashmir. Apart from the cab services you can also get hotel services in these packs. From these packages, you will be able to get both Car Rental and Accommodation in one place and you do not need to do anything by yourself you can just enjoy your trip without any hassle.
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