Rent royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir (2)

Rent Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir

Renting Royal Enfield Himalayan is made very easy by Tripmore bike rental services and only takes few steps to rent one of your choice. We will be discussing here, what documents are need from your side, what documents you must check of bikes, what are the procedure, how much it will cost, and common terms and conditions of renter.

Bike rental for rent in KashmirPhotosRates/day
Royal Enfield 350 rent Royal Enfield 350 in Kashmir1500 INR
Royal Enfield 500rent Royal Enfield 500 in Kashmir1800 INR
Royal Enfield Himalayanrent Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir2000 INR

Royal Enfield bike rental rates in Srinagar

  • Royal Enfield 350CC : 1500/day
  • Royal Enfield 500CC : 1800/day
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan: 2000/day

Where to hire Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir

In Srinagar, it is very easy to find and get Bikes on Rent. Now the questions is where to book as there are alot of providers. Although  everything is as clear as glass with the Google reviews and TripAdvisor reviews these days. 
There Tripmore comes into play as Tripmore is the top rated cab and bike rental in Kashmir

Royal Enfield bike rental gallery of Tripmore Kashmir

What Documents Are Required to Rent a Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir

One of the below

  • License (Mandatory)
  • Identity Proof
    • PAN
    • Passport
    • Voter Id Card

Remember This: You have to submit original Id Card to hire bike in Kashmir. Please do not submit Driving License as you have to carry it while riding/driving rented vehicle. Also many (Almost All) Renter only accept Original Document, No Duplicate. It’s completely safe to give your Original Id Proof to them. Please do not forget to take it back when returning your rented vehicle.

Check the documents of the Royal Enfield Himalayan rented

Before making any payment please do check the vehicle documents. Ask for original copy and for duplicate copy. If owner not allowing to carry original copy, then carry duplicate one. Rules are very strict in Kashmir. Try not to get in Trouble.

Please follow the check list below before hiring bike

  • Check All Papers and Validity
  • Go through RC Book. Check Owner name and the registration date
  • Check Insurance Paper

Pay when all documents are clear.

Procedure and Paper Work Done while renting Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir

t’s easy, will take 2-3 minutes. After you select the bike and gone through the documents. You just need to make entry on book. Most of the renters here keep their customer entry on books.

Following are the details you must mentioned on Registry Book

  • Your Full Name (Rider)
  • Your Home Address
  • Alternate Contact Person Details
  • Mobile No. which you will be carrying on your entire trip
  • Also alternate contact no.
  • Bike No. (Renter will enter details)
  • Submitted Id Proof (Renter will enter details)
  • Date of hire and return (Renter will enter details)
  • Deposit Paid (Renter will enter details)
  • Advance Payment if done (Renter will enter details)
  • Accessories Carried example. Helmet. (Renter will enter details)

This is all the basic stuff, which we have been writting from ages.

After filling all details, you will be given bike. Enjoy.

What are the terms and conditions for hiring Royal Enfield Himalayan in Kashmir.
  • Return Bike on Time. Extra will charge if not.
  • If extension needed, then please call dealer a day before.
  • You must not pass Bike to someone else without permission.
  • If any damage done, you will be charge accordingly
  • If engine failed, or had a breakdown, please inform dealer immediately and do the need full
  • Some amount will be refund after making cancellation. (Speak with Dealer)
  • Rider must have license
  • Rider should follow Traffic Rules.
  • Do not Drink and Drive
Unlimited kilometers

No Kilometer Capping. Drive as much as you want without paying anything extra!

No Liability

Freedom of driving bike as you own it minus the liabilities.

Online Bike Booking

Make every moment count with the privacy and freedom of having your own Bike.