Badamwari Srinagar Ticket Booking

Kashmir has many wonderful place­s. Badamwari Garden is one of them. It is 300-kanals large­. It is a park in the hills near Srinagar, located at foothills of Hari Parbat (Koh e Maran). In spring, it looks amazing. You walk on paths lined with almond tre­es. Their white flowe­rs bloom brightly. The air smells swee­t. It tells spring is here. But Badamwari is pre­tty all year long. Small Waterfalls flows around the Garden. Flowerbeds are full of color. Pansie­s, irises, and daisies bloom. Nature love­rs find peace here­. Photographers capture Kashmir’s beauty. Visiting Badamwari Garde­n is delightful. Its was made available to public in year 2004 with the help of J&K Bank. This place is one of the best places to visit with your life partner as this place looks like heaven and is a very romantic place to be in. In this blog we are going to discuss everything you need to know about this. Lets Start

Baramwari Srinagar Ticket booking

How to Book Badamwari Srinagar Tickets?

Simply give Tripmore a call at +917051909192 or use the same number on WhatsApp to get Badamwari tickets. To make sure you have a hassle-free experience while admiring the stunning Badamwari garden in Kashmir, Tripmore offers the best service available. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of everything and keep you informed along the way.

Badamwari Srinagar Ticket Price 2024Price Per Person
Badamwari Srinagar Ticket For AdultsRs 24/-
Badamwari Srinagar Ticket For Children (below 12 year of age)Rs 12/-

Badamwari Srinagar Ticket Price

Adult Ticket Badamwari
Badamwari Ticket Price For Adults
  • Entry to Badamwari Garden
Children Adult Ticket
Badamwari Ticket Price for Children
  • Entry to Badamwari Garden

How to do book Badamwari Tickets Online?

Use these 5 simple steps to reserve a tickets for Badamwari Garden Srinagar.

  1. Click on the Book Button Below: It Should take you to Tripmore’s official WhatsApp Profile.
  2. Start a Conversation: After clicking on the button you will be at our Whatsapp page, just click send and you will be connected to out team.
  3. Specify Details: Provide the necessary details such as the date and number of tickets you want for Badamwari.
  4. Make the Payment: Follow the payment instructions provided by our reservation team. This step may involve clicking on a payment link or making a direct UPI transfer.
  5. Receive Confirmation: After the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message with the details of Badamwari Garden ticket.
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Book Badamari Srinagar Ticket

In just five minutes, purchase Badamwari tickets in Srinagar, Kashmir. All you have to do is contact Tripmore at +917051909192 via phone or WhatsApp.

Pre book tickets for Badamwari Garden

To pre book Badamwari tickets, simply call us at +917051909192 and specify the day you want the ticket for, and you are done. You can also add this place to your Kashmir tour package.

Price of Badamwari Garden Ticket in 2024

Price of Badamwari Garden ticket in Year 2024 is:

  • For Adults: Rs 24/per person
  • For Children: Rs 12/per person

When will Badamwari Garden Open in 2024?

It is confirmed that Kashmir’s Badamwari Garden will open on March 15, 2024. The weather will determine the opening date.

What is the opening time of Badamwari in Kashmir?

Badamwari garden opening time is 9:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM

Best time to visit Badamwari Garden

Best time to visit Badamwari Garden in Kashmir is from ending March to April. 

Where is Badamwari Garden located?

Badamwari Garden Entry Fee

Entry fee of Badamwari Garden in Kashmir is Rs 24 for adults and Rs 12 for children below 12 years.

History of Badamwari

Badamwari Garden is said to have been created sometime prior to the reign of Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin in the 14th century, although its exact date cannot be determined now. To prove this historical value there is a well-preserved dome inside the garden that took a name of Afghan ruler Warris Khan. It’s like he was king during this period or even before that period. The cascading waterfalls and vibrant flowerbeds that make up this beautiful park indicate that it has always been for leisure and admiration of nature. However, Badamwari has not always been well treated by time. Some periods are silent about it in history thereby leaving us with thoughts whether it was a royal retreat for Kashmiri monarchs or simply fell into disuse. Fortunately, Badamwari’s restoration work done lately by Jammu & Kashmir Bank ensures continuation of its heritage. This further adds more mystery to the place since what lies beneath could be unknown secrets .The future excavations conducted by historians and archaeologists will possibly tell more about Badamwari, which would then let us know how it influenced the formation of diverse threads in Kashmir life.

Badamwari Ticket Bookings

How To Reach Badamwari Garden in Srinagar

To reach the Badamwari, follow these simple routes:

  • By Air: To reach Badamwari, you have to book a flight to Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar. After reaching at the Airport you can book a taxi to Badamwari, it will take 20 minutes to reach.
  • By Train: If you prefer to travel by train, The nearest train stations is Jammu Tawi. Then you can book a taxi to Srinagar and reach Badamwari
  • By Road: You can reach Srinagar by Road. You can take buses from all the major cities to Srinagar.

Charges for Badamwari Tickets

Charges for Badamwari Tickets is Rs 24 for adults and Rs 12 for children.

Which is the best season to visit Badamwari

Spring is the best season to visit Badamwari, which is in March and April

Buy ticket for Badamwari

Buy tickets for Badamwari by simply calling Tripmore on +917051909192

How much time will it take to explore Badamwari?

It will take you 2 hours to explore Badamwari, you can easily add this to your Kashmir tour itinerary. 

Srinagar to Badamwari Distance?

Srinagar to Badamwari distance is around 5 Km and It will take 20 minutes to reach. 

What's price of Badamwari ticket for children ?

Price of Badamwari tickert for children is Rs 12. 

Badamwari Ticket booking

Badamwari Ticket booking can be done with Tripmore. Call on 7051909192 for bookings

If you are looking for taxi service to Badamwari you can call on 7051909192

Places Nearby to Badamwari

Paces nearby to Badamwari are:

  • Hari Parbat Fort
  • Kathi Darwaza
  • Central Jail

Tips before reaching Badamwari

Tips before reaching Badamwari are:
1. Best time to come is Spring
2. Take photography equipments with you.

To book a photographer for Badamwari who will make reels and photos for you call 7051909192

Why choose Tripmore For Badamwari Ticket Bookings?

In Conclusion at Tripmore Tour and Travels we believe in Quality, Safety and Hospitality. we will provide you the best Badamwari Ticket booking services which will make your Kashmir trip hassle-free. We work with only the best service providers across the valley, and try to bring value to you. We have 4.9+ rating on Google and we continue to be the best in the valley. We are Proud to Provide our service to you .

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FAQ's Related to Badamwari Srinagar

Badamwari Garden is located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Buy tickets for Badamwari by simply calling Tripmore on +917051909192

March is the month when Badamwari Garden opens.

Badamwari Ticket For Adult is : Rs 24

Badamwari Ticket For Children is : Rs 12

Distance from Srinagar to Badamwari is 4.1 km via NH1

Distance from Pahalgam to Badamwari is 91.6 km via NH501 and NH 44

Distance from Gulmarg to Badamwari is 53 Km

Distance from Sonmarg to Badamwari is 76 km 

Visit in March and April for the best experience. 

Spring is the best season to visit Badamwari, which is in March and April

Badamwari Garden is famous for beautiful almond blossoms

Badamwari Garden opens at 9 Am in the morning and closes at 8 Pm