Aharbal: A Complete Travel Guide and Itenary

Aharbal Waterfall, often referred to as the “Niagara Falls of Kashmir,” is a stunning natural wonder located in the southwest of Kashmir, about 70 kilometres from Srinagar. Perched at an elevation of 2,266 meters in the Kulgam District, this majestic waterfall cascades down 22 meters and 7 meters through a narrow gorge carved by granite boulders. The mesmerising beauty of Aharbal Waterfall draws you in, and to enhance your experience, there is a viewing gallery that offers a perfect vantage point to take in the breathtaking sight

Aharbal Waterfalls

How to reach Aharbal?

How to Reach Aharbal By Air: Embark on your journey to Aharbal by taking to the skies and landing in Srinagar, the enchanting
capital of Jammu and Kashmir. With Sheikh ul Alam Airport (SXR) as your gateway, this
international airport seamlessly connects you to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai,
Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Leh, as well as destinations around the globe. From Srinagar, embark
on a scenic 75 kilometer drive south, and voila, you’ve arrived at the breathtaking Aharbal

How to Reach Aharbal By Road: Aharbal is also easily accessible by road from various parts of North India. Here’s an overview of the road distances:
Delhi to Qazigund: 726 km (~15 hours)
Chandigarh to Qazigund: 493 km (~10 hours)
Leh to Qazigund: 494 km (~11 hours)
Jammu to Qazigund : 171 km (~5 hours)

For a road trip to Aharbal, you have a variety of travel options: government-run buses, private sleeper coaches, taxis, or even a self-drive adventure. As you cruise along the picturesque JammuSrinagar highway, you’ll come across numerous charming dhabas offering mouthwatering delicacies. Notable stops include Pehalwan di Hatti, celebrated for its savoury dishes, and Prem di Hatti, famed for its delectable sweets.

How to Reach Aharbal By Train: The closest railway station to Aharbal is Anantnag Railway Station, approximately 204 kilometres
from Jammu Tawi Railway Station. As there is no direct train link between Jammu Tawi and Anantnag Railway Station, part of your journey will be by road. Start by taking a taxi or bus from Jammu Tawi to Banihal Railway Station, where you can board a train to Anantnag. The final leg of
your journey to Aharbal Waterfall must be completed by road, with options including shared taxis, private taxis, buses, and rental cars.

Here’s the route to follow from Jammu to Aharbal Waterfall:

  1. Jammu-Tawi Railway Station to Banihal Railway Station (by road)
  2. Banihal to Anantnag Railway Station (by train)
  3. Anantnag Railway Station to Aharbal Waterfall (by road)

For the adventurous biker, the road to Aharbal offers a thrilling experience. Rent a bike in Anantnag and enjoy a scenic ride, complete with rest stops to soak in the beautiful views. Plus, you’ll get a taste of off-roading along the way!

Once you’ve arrived in Srinagar, reaching Aharbal is a straightforward journey. Whether you’re traveling in your own vehicle or have rented a cab or motorcycle, you have two scenic routes to
choose from:

  • Route 1: Srinagar – Pulwama – Shopian – Aharbal Waterfall
  • Route 2: Srinagar – Awantipora – Kulgam – Aharbal Waterfall

Both routes offer captivating views and promise an enjoyable drive through the picturesque
landscapes of Kashmir.

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Modes of Transport for Aharbal?

You can hire a taxi from Srinagar to Aharbal Waterfall for approximately INR 4500
for a one-day round trip. Alternatively, you can book a taxi from Anantnag for around INR 2000 for the round trip. If you’re visiting Pahalgam, consider adding Aharbal to your itinerary—either make a detour on your way to Srinagar or stop at Aharbal first before heading to Pahalgam

Srinagar to Aharbal Shared Taxi Service

For a more economical option, take a shared taxi from Srinagar to Anantnag. From
there, catch another shared taxi to Kulgam and then to Aharbal. Alternatively, the route via Shopian costs about the same, but shared taxi services towards Aharbal from Shopian are limited, so a private cab might be a better choice. The total cost for shared taxis is around INR 250

Srinagar to Aharbal Bus Service

Finding direct bus service to Aharbal can be challenging. However, buses to Kulgam
or Shopian are readily available. From these towns, you might find a bus to Aharbal, though it could
be troublesome. While this is the least expensive option at INR 100-150, it is also the most timeconsuming and inconvenient.

Srinagar to Aharbal Bike Rental

Renting a bike in Srinagar or Anantnag is easy and can make your journey to Aharbal
exciting, especially if you take the scenic Shopian-Peer ki Gali route. The adventure and views will be well worth the ride.

Srinagar to Aharbal Self Drive Car

Rental cars are available in both Srinagar and Anantnag, giving you the flexibility to drive at your own pace. The roads to Aharbal are in good condition, making for a picturesque and enjoyable drive.

Srinagar to Aharbal by Own Car

If you’re driving your own car, the trip to Aharbal will be smooth and straightforward.
Just set your GPS and enjoy the drive. There are petrol stations along the way, so fueling up won’t be an issue

Aharbal Itinerary

Aharbal is perfect for a one-day trip. Depart from Srinagar around 7 or 8 am, travel to Shopian, and then head to Aharbal. Spend some time at the waterfall, and if you return to Shopian by noon, consider traveling the Mughal Road to Peer ki Gali. This way, you can maximize your day and explore more. Alternatively, you can combine Aharbal with a trip to Pahalgam, visiting Aharbal either on your way to or from Pahalgam.

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Security Concern for Aharbal Tour

There are no checkpoints on the way to Aharbal, but it’s recommended to keep your identification documents handy. Indian citizens should carry their Aadhaar card, while international travelers should have their passports

Hotels at Aharbal

Aharbal offers limited accommodation options, with the main choice being the JKTDC Aharbal Resort. You can book a room via the JKTDC online portal or negotiate directly with the caretaker. While locals are working on huts and cottages by the river, these may not be ready yet. Overnight stays are recommended if you’re planning a trek to Kausar Nag Lake or want to capture
the waterfall at dawn or dusk. Otherwise, Aharbal is ideal for a day trip.

Mobile Connectivity at Aharbal

Remember that only postpaid connections work in Jammu & Kashmir. BSNL, Airtel, and Jio
postpaid phones have full connectivity in Aharbal. Prepaid SIMs from all network providers also
work well for locals.

Activities to do at Aharbal
  • Photography: Capture the stunning waterfall and surrounding landscapes.
  • Trekking: Embark on treks to Kungawatan or Kausar Nag for an immersive nature
  • Horse Riding: Explore the area on horseback for a unique perspective.
  •  Fishing: The Veshaw River is rich in trout, perfect for a fishing expedition. Make sure to obtain a permit from the local Fisheries department beforehand.
Drone Photography in Aharbal

Yes, drones are allowed in Aharbal. You can capture the waterfall and surrounding meadows with a
drone, offering otherworldly views of the place.

Food Availability in Aharbal

Food is easily available at Aharbal, There are restaurants, local shops and Dhabba’s near the entry gate at Aharbal

Must-See Attractions at Aharbal

The Waterfall: The primary allure of Aharbal is its majestic waterfall, drawing visitors from near and far. The natural beauty surrounding the area is equally captivating, offering a scenic backdrop for your trip.

The drive from Shopian to Aharbal is particularly picturesque, with
breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Exploring the Villages: Upon nearing Aharbal, you’ll cross a small bridge over the Veshaw River. Most visitors turn left toward the waterfall, but on your return journey, take a detour to the other side. This road extends for a few more kilometers and offers equally impressive views, along with a small park perfect for a relaxing break.
The Veshaw River: As you approach Aharbal, you’ll encounter the Veshaw River winding its way through the mountains.
Kausar Nag Lake: For trekking enthusiasts, the renowned Kausar Nag Lake is a must-see. However, it requires proper camping gear and guides from Srinagar or Anantnag, as it’s a
two-day trek from Aharbal.
• Kungawatan Meadows: The meadows of Kungawatan are also worth a visit, though they require a trek. It’s a 4-5 km trek from the waterfall, taking you to the beautiful meadows of Kungawatan and can be completed in one day.
Peer ki Gali Pass / Mughal Road: Another nearby attraction is the famous Mughal Road, stretching about 85 kilometers from Shopian to Bafliaz. This scenic drive crosses the highaltitude Peer ki Gali Pass, making it a worthwhile addition to your trip if you start early from Srinagar.

Road condition to Aharbal

The road is single lane road but it has mostly good condition. There are dew bad sects in between but not that much that it is a problem. It is a flat road till shopian that you will gain some serious height in the last 15 kilometers. There is a bad condition just before the Aharbal village but other than that it is a smooth drive all the way

Best time to visit Aharbal

The beat to be considered to visit Aharbal is from april to October. During this time the place looks gorgeous. In autumn season, the leaves turn orange and vistas look stunningly beautiful.

Winter is also a good time to visit Aharbal , however the landscape will be bit dull during this time. You will enjoy snow capped mountains and landscape engulfed with white snow. You will also have a lot of activities to do

Weather at Aharbal

The weather in Aharbal is quite similar to that of Srinagar, with only minor temperature differences.
It doesn’t get too windy either. However, if you visit the viewing gallery, be prepared for water
splashes from the waterfall, which might drench you. Bringing a waterproof windbreaker is a good
idea when heading to the viewing gallery

Places to visit near Aharbal

Yusmarg :- yusmarg is also a hill station that lies in western part of kashmir valley . It is situated 47km away from srinagar capital.

Doodpathri:- It is one of the famous tourist attractions that attracts tourists from around the world.

Bungus valley :- It is a Himalayan sub valley in kashmir valley. It is situated in Kupwara district .

Kokernag :- It is a famous spring covered with pine trees. It has majestic Chinars and botanical garden that soothes the soul .

Parihaspora :- It is an old situated near Baramulla district that is 26 kms away from srinagar.

Distance between Aharbal and other places

Aharbal and doodpathri

Distance:- 87 km | Time :- 3 hours and 15 mins

Aharbal and gulmarg

Distance:- 114 km | Time :- 3 hours and 30 mins

Aharbal and Sonamarg

Distance :- 154 km | Time:- 4 hours and 30 mins

Aharbal to pahalgam

Distance :- 85kms | Time :- 2 hours and 30 mins

Medical Facility in Aharbal

Medical Facility in Aharbal are:

Aharbal Health Centre: This local health center should be the first point of contact for basic medical needs. It’s advisable to inquire here for immediate medical assistance.

Kulgam District Hospital: Located in Kulgam town, approximately 30-40 km from Aharbal, this hospital offers more comprehensive medical services, including emergency care.

FAQ's Related to Aharbal

Yes , its completely a good idea to stay in Aharbal. It is one of the most beautiful places in kashmir . Its has many hotels and resorts where you can stay too. On who loves nature will always want to stay at such beautiful places in kashmir

If you are visiting Aharbal you need a better shoes, sweaters , and heavy woolen clothes especially if you are visiting in winter. You will also require some basic medications like crocin, neuromol, vicks . You will need an umbrella, so bring it with you too

Since you have to visit Aharbal through Shopian route You will find atms at shopian and carry an amount of money you require because there is no atm at Aharbal waterfall.