Gulmarg is a premium hill station located in the Baramulla district of Kashmir. At an average altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level, this wonderland is one of the busiest tourist places in the Kashmir Valley. Gulmarg is known for its wide range of colourful wild flowers and you will often find it by the name of ‘Meadow of Flowers.’ Besides flowers, the amazing thing about this magical place is that it hosts one of the Asia’s highest cable cars. This cable car or gondola is also one of the longest and it will provide you with an ultimate tour of the Himalayan mountains. There is a golf course also that is considered one of the highest in the world. The season in which this place receives the largest amount of travellers is winter. After snowfall, it gets converted into the India’s most loved ski resort. The beauty of Gulmarg in the snow is unmatched and it is often called the snow wonderland of India. The destination is located only 40 kilometres from the Srinagar city.


How to reach Gulmarg

There area multiple options by which you can reach the beautiful heaven of Gulmarg. You can use multiple modes to reach Gulmarg via road, train and air.

  • How to Reach Gulmarg By train: The train upto the Banihal station in Jammu and Kashmir is a recent update from the government. At anytime soon the train will be open for everyone to reach Srinagar. Till the you can board a train upto the Jammu Tawi or the Udhampur Railway station and take a taxi afterwards.
  • How to Reach Gulmarg By Bus or taxi: You can take a bus, a state transport bus or a deluxe coach bus to the city of Jammu and after that take a bus or taxi straight to Srinagar from the Jammu Bus Stand. This journey is one of the beautiful road journeys in India. The journey from Jammu to Srinagar via thet NH44 will take around 5 to 8 hours depending on the traffic.
  • How to Reach Gulmarg By air: All the major cities offer direct and indirect flights to the Srinagar International Airport. Other cities may only offer connecting flights to reach the Srinagar city.
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On the way places to Gulmarg

  •  Tangmarg: This is a village around 8 kilometres away from Gulmarg. You will pass this area and you will notice the change of the surroundings. Forests and steep road will appear after the Tangmarg village. You can buy any necessary items from the Tangmarg Market.

  • Drung Waterfall: It is actually not a part of the Gulmarg route but a little away from it. However it is close to the Gulmarg area and you can easily reach there. The Drung waterfall is quite famous in the snow when it freezes to amaze the viewers. It becomes hotspot for tourists.

  • Baba Reshi: Falling some 7 kilometres away from the Tangmarg area, Baba Reshi is the famous shrine of the revered saint Baba Payam ud Din Reshi. It is a beautiful and spiritual place where night stays are also available for the devotees. The market at the place is very colourful and charming.

  • Shranz Fall: This waterfall has become famous from a couple of years. The waterfall is an artistry of nature. This place is a good photography spot but many basic facilities are not available here yet.

Places to Visit in Gulmarg

  •  Gulmarg Market: The Gulmarg area has a small market for all your needs. There are cafes, restaurants, cloth shops, and many other daily items to buy. You can buy sim cards here as well.

  • Gulmarg Golf Course: This is the renowned golf course of Asia and has 18 holes. Golfing at this place becomes a unique experience that will make you calm amid the lush surroundings. It is surrounded by forests and mountain peaks.

  • Gulmarg Childrens Park: To your surprise, this area is childrens favourite when you visit Gulmarg. There are swings, rides and many games to play and enjoy with your kids.

  • Bootapathri: This place is also known as the Strawberry Valley due to the vast amount of wild strawberry vegetation. You will need a permission from Gulmarg Police Station to visit this serene place.

  • Khilanmarg: This is a beautiful meadow near Gulmarg. This tranquil place is around 5 kilometres from Gulmarg and it is best to trek to the location while enjoying beautiful views along the way

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Things to do in Gulmarg

  •  Skiing and Snowboarding: One of the most sought after activities in Gulmarg during the winter season is skiing. Gulmarg is a premium ski resort and has the best slopes for snow adventure.
  • ATV Ride: You should have an ATV Ride in Gulmarg and experience the fun that it provides. An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a vehicle suited for all kinds of terrains and it will take you wherever you wish to go.
  • Paragliding: One of the most thrilling sports in Gulmarg is paragliding. It is a safe sport and provides immense relaxation and satisfaction when you glide in the clean air of Gulmarg. You will enjoy the wide angle view provided by this amazing activity.
  • Horse Riding: Going back in the primitive life is possible with horse riding in Gulmarg. Riding a horse is satisfying while you enjoy the lush surroundings in Gulmarg.
  • Photography: You should capture the beauty of Gulmarg along with your experience with it. Click as many photos as you can because you will surely miss this wonderul piece of heaven.
  •  Trekking: Trekking to various beautiful locations is possible in Gulmarg. You can go to the Khilamarg meadow or witness the marvellous lake of Alpather in the higher reaches.
  •  Camping: Camping in the green meadows of Gulmarg is one of the best adventures you can go for. Gulmarg has many amazing spots for a crazy camping adventure.
  • Gondola Ride: If you did not take a gondola ride in Gulmarg, you will regret it afterwards. This cable car will provide you 360 degree views of the mighty mountains of Pir Panjal. If you want to witness magic of the Apharwat Peak, you should go up to the second phase of the Gondola.
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Hotels at Gulmarg

Luxury Accomodations

Luxury Accomodations: Gulmarg hosts many luxurious staying options that will be more than enough for your peaceful stay at the natural surroundings of this place. Some options are “The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa,” “Grand Mumtaz Gulmarg,” and “The Vintage Gulmarg Hotel.”

Deluxe Accommodations
If you want a deluxe or midrange accommodation to stay at Gulmarg, you have many options available. Gulmarg hosts deluxe accommodations like “Hotel Pine View Resort,” “Shaw Inn” and “Hotel Nedous.”
Budget Accommodations

Cheap and comfortable stays are also available in Gulmarg with satisfying services and facilities. Some options are “Gulmarg Woods,” “The Trout Stream” and “Sheen Homestay.”

Food available at Gulmarg

Places for Veg-lovers

You can find many purely vegetarian places in and around Gulmarg like “Pandit Brothers Vegetarian Dhaba”. “Punjabi Rasoi Veg and Jain Foods,” “Bakshi Resturant” and “Miasa Cafe” are some other options among the many that you can find all over Gulmarg.

Places for Non-Veg-lovers

There are lots and lots of places for non-vegetarian food lovers in Gulmarg. Some options among many include “The Gulmarg Cafeteria,” “Restaurant Hill Point” and “New Lala Restaurant.” You will be licking your fingers after tasting the rich cuisine of Kashmir.

Things to buy in Gulmarg

  • Kashmiri Handicrafts: The Kashmiri handicrafts are famous world-over for their fine quality and unique artistry. The Pashmina Shawl and Kashmiri carpets are among the best pieces of art to buy but at an expensive budget. Most of these arts are available to buy in Gulmarg at various shops . If you love to explore art, you are going to get amazed by the vast variety of Kashmiri craft.
  • Framed Pictures: A beautiful picture in the lush valleys of Kashmir will be a perfect sovenir to take home. Pictures define stories and store emotions within them. You can easily get framed pictures in Gulmarg at good prices after some bargaining.
  • Kashmiri Saffron: Kashmiri Saffron is considered one of the most premium and rich spices in the world. The saffron that grows on the Karewas of Kashmir, especially Pampore, is among the best items to take home. You should buy saffron with utmost precaution as many people are fooled by low prices. There are many shops that sell original saffron at fair prices in Gulmarg.
  • Himalayan Shilajit: Shilajit is a herbal product that hosts immense energy, vitamins, minerals and other benefits. It is one of the most sought after products among tourists in India. You need to be cautious in buying Shilajit as many sellers offer fake Shilajit at low prices. You can buy genuine Himalayan Shilajit from many shops in Gulmarg.
  • Dry Fruits: Kashmiri almonds, chestnuts, water chestnuts, and many other dry fruits are absolutely amazing in taste. These dry fruits have lots of nutrients packed in to keep yourself healthy. You can buy good quality dry fruits at many shops in Gulmarg.

Treks to do at Gulmarg

  • Alpather Lake Trek: This alpine lake is also known by the name ‘Frozen Lake’ as it remains frozen during most of the time in a year. It is a small lake surrounded by breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal Mountains. The trek takes around one day to complete.
  • Khilanmarg Trek: Khilanmarg is a meadow in Gulmarg which is only around 5 kilometres away from the main area. It is one of the best and shortest treks to take in Kashmir.

Weather in Gulmarg

  • Gulmarg Weather in January: A day in the month of Janaury will be chilling when the night tempertaures drop down to minus 12 degrees celcius. The day temperature ranges between -7 to 1 degree celcius.
  • Gulmarg Weather in February: In the month of February, the weather remains almost similar to the month of January when the temperatures touch the minus scale at night.
  • Gulmarg Weather in March: The month of march in Gulmarg gets slightly warmer than the previous months. The average temperatures of the day remain between -3 to 6 degrees celcius.
  • Gulmarg Weather in April: April in Gulmarg pushes the weather towards the upcoming summer, when greenery starts to appear and flowers start to bloom everywhere. The average temperature during this time remains between 2 to 10 degree celcius.
  • Gulmarg Weather in May: The month of may in Gulmarg gets a little more warmer with the temperatures touching 16 degrees celcius. It is a pleasant time with cool weather.
  • Gulmarg Weather in June: The entering of June marks the entry to summer season in Gulmarg , when the temperatures go up to 20 degrees celcius.
  • Gulmarg Weather in July: The month of July is the peak summer time in Gulmarg with the temperatures moving up to 24 degrees celcius at the daytime.
  • Gulmarg Weather in August: The month is august in Gulmarg is almost warm like July. The temperatures are warm and the weather sunny.
  • Gulmarg Weather in September: The month of September in Gulmarg marks a shift towards the beautiful autumn season. The temperatures show a slight drop and cooler winds occupy the air.
  • Gulmarg Weather in October: The month of october in Gulmarg is cold, when cloudy weather becomes a daily affair. The temperatures plummet down to 3 degrees celcius.
  • Gulmarg Weather in November: November in Gulmarg is marked by cold weather and cloudy sky. The soil becomes dry and multiple layers of clothing are extremely important.
  • Gulmarg Weather in December: With the start of December, the temperatures move down to the minus scale and snow is also expected in the latter part of this month
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What is the meaning of “Gulmarg”?

Gulmarg comes from two Persian words, ‘Gul’ and ‘Marg.’ Gul means ‘a flower’ and Marg means ‘a meadow.’ This name was given to this place by Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak of the Chak Dynasty. He visited the place with his wife and encountered many wild flowers, thus giving it this name.

History and Mythology

It is believed that the meadow of Gulmarg was discovered by the Chak Dynasty Ruler, Yusuf Shah Chak in the 16th century. He gave it the name ‘Gulmarg’ after witnessing many wild flowers at the location. At the time of Mughal Rule in Kashmir, the emperor Jahangir who was the son of Akbar, used to visit the place often. Jahangir encountered more than 21 species of wild flowers. In the British Rule, Gulmarg was among the favourite retreats of the British officials. The Gulmarg Golf Course was built by the British in 1890. It is considered among the world’s highest golf courses. Another advancement in the history of Gulmarg was the construction of the Gulmarg Gondola which opened in the year 1998 through a joint venture of the state tourism government and a French company. Today the gondola falls among the highest and longest cable cars in Asia.

Importance of Gulmarg

The area of Gulmarg is of utmost importance to the Indian Government. It has close proximity with the Indo-Pak Border or the LoC. From the tourism point of view, the destination is one of the prime and most famous locations and generates a huge revenue. A large majority of the population of the area are related with tourism and provide services in the categories of tourist guide, shopkeepers, adventure sports, accommodation, taxi services and more. Gulmarg is full of resources including minerals, alpine lakes, forests, glaciers and perennial streams. The place hosts the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve which hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna. Many rare species find home in the place also.


Gulmarg is a place of celebration, bonding, and brotherhood in Kashmir. The destination is jam-packed in the winter months as it is considered the best ski resort because of its amazing geography and climate. This destination should be visited by every person at least once to experience the wonders of nature that are kept here.

Frequently asked questions

Both destinations are equally beautiful and charming. It is up to you to explore these pieces of heavens. However, Gulmarg is associated with snow more than Pahalgam as it serves as the snow epicenter for tourists in the winter

There is proper network connectivity in Gulmarg. You can buy new simcards also from the Gulmarg market.

There are a few ATM’s in the Gulmarg market which are accessible easily.

The nearest petrol pump is the Tangmarg area, around 8 kilometres from Gulmarg.

To protect yourself both physically and financially, you can impart certain practices while in Gulmarg. Keep your identity proofs with you all the time. Check weather before moving out. You will also need to check government rates of the tourist services to be safe from scammers.