If you try to find the most magical places on the colourful soil of India, Pahalgam would surely be one of these. The Pahalgam Valley, resting at 2,200 metres in the Western Himalayas, becomes one of the hottest places for you to catch beautiful landscapes, thrilling adventure sports, and make amazing memories in the shade of mighty peaks. It is located in the Anantnag district of Kashmir at a distance of 98 kilometres from the Srinagar city. Lush valleys, calming forests, spiritual environment and adventure, make just the tip of the iceberg in this fairyland


How to reach Pahalgam

There area multiple options by which you can reach the beautiful heaven of Pahalgam. You can use multiple modes to reach Pahalgam via road, train and air.
  • How to Reach Pahalgam By train: The train upto the Banihal station in Jammu and Kashmir is a recent update from the government. At anytime soon the train will be open for everyone to reach Srinagar. Till the you can board a train upto the Jammu Tawi or the Udhampur Railway station and take a taxi afterwards.
  • How to Reach Pahalgam By Bus or taxi: You can take a bus, a state transport bus or a deluxe coach bus to the city of Jammu and after that take a bus or taxi straight to Srinagar from the Jammu Bus Stand. This journey is one of the beautiful road journeys in India. The journey from Jammu to Srinagar via the t NH44 will take around 5 to 8 hours depending on the traffic, You can book taxi in Kashmir in affordable price with Tripmore. .
  • How to Reach Pahalgam By air: All the major cities offer direct and indirect flights to the Srinagar International Airport. Other cities may only offer connecting flights to reach the Srinagar city
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Places to Visit in Pahalgam

  • Sheeshnag Lake: This lake is situated around 13 kilometres from Chandanwari. It is a very important hindu place and considered very sacred. It is said that Shiva left his snakes at this place. If you are a true devotee, nothing can stop you from reaching this holy abode.
  • Aru Valley: Aru Valley is really a heavenly spot for nature lovers. The nature heals you by the Aru River, a tributary of the Lidder River. The location hosts a small population of residents, giving it the status of a village. There is a small vibrant market and accommodations are cheap and cosy.
  • Betaab Valley: The beautiful valley of Betaab falls on the way to Chandanwari. This is the famous place where the movie “Betaab” was filmed, feauturing “Sunny Deol.” This is a mesmerizing valley with gardens and streams. You can enjoy here in this amazing family place.
  • Chandanwari: The highest point by road that you can reach in Pahalgam is Chandanwari. Nearby is a glacier that attracts a lot of tourists. The vast market here provides every item including eatables and clothes. This is the base camp, from where the journey to amarnath cave begins.
  • Baisaran: Lush meadows and bright flowers make this place a stunning beauty. It is located around 7 kilometres from Pahalgam and accesible by foot or a pony. Just an hour and you will land at this ultimate heaven.
  • Lidderwat: This is another soothing destination in Pahalgam which is accessible by foot or a pony. It is around 10 kilometres from the Aru Valley. Visit this meadow and enjoy serene views of the surroundings.
  • Pahalgam Golf Course: The Pahalgam Golf Course is an amazing place for golfers and nature lovers. This golf course is surrounded by dense forests and snow-capped peaks in the backdrop. Hosting 18-holes, this golf course will shake you with excitement and fun at 2,400 metres.
  • Lidder River: This is the main river flowing through the whole landscape of Pahalgam Valley. We can say it is the soul of the place and the main attraction. You can sit by the river and listen to the soothing sound of its waters.
  • Kolahoi Glacier: The source of the Lidder River is the Kolahoi Glacier, sitting under the Kolahoi peak, one of the highest peaks in Jammu and Kashmir. For mountain climbers, this place is next to heaven.
  • Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary: If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will love the biodiversity of the Pahalgam Valley. The notified area provides glimpses of some of the rarest and most amazing Himalyan fauna. You can sight the Asiatic Ibex, Musk Deer, and many other beautiful animals.
  • Pahalgam Amusement Park: The amusement park is located on the way to Aru Valley and hosts multiple rides, games and other stuff for kids and adults. You can have a lot of fun with your friends and family at this beautiful place.
  • Pahalgam Zoo: Pahalgam also hosts a zoo. It is a mini zoo with some magnificent wildlife including the Himalayan Black Bear, Common Leopard and the Snow Leopard
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Things to do in Pahalgam

  • Horse/Pony Ride at Pahalgam: You can have a satisfying horse ride through the lush meadows of Pahalgam. Tourists are offered horse rides at many places in Pahalgam. You can also take a horse up to a trekking spot like Lidderwat and Baisaran.
  • River Rafting: IF you want to get adventurous, river rafting is an amazing activity to do in Pahalgam. White water rating on the waves of the pristine Lidder River is a rejuvenating experience for every age group. River rafting is available in Pahalgam at many locations.
  • Paraglyding: You can glide in the clean air of Pahalgam with the unique experience of Paraglyding. It will provide you a 360 degree view of Pahalgam that will make you fall in love with this place. Paragliding can be done at main Pahalgam and Aru Valley.
  • Zorbing: Zorbing is a unique recreational activity where you roll inside a transparent ball. Rolling on the vast meadows of Pahalgam is a next-level experience that awakens you and brings your childhood back. You have enjoy this activity at the beautiful Baisaran Valley.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: When you visit the Pahalgam Valley in the snow, skiing and snowboarding are amazing activities to do. Sliding on the smooth slopes of Pahalgam becomes a perfect adventure in the snowy landscape. You can get all the equipment for rent and trainers are also available in Pahalgam.
  • Trekking: Pahalgam hosts stunning trekking spots that are worth visiting. Many treks are available in Pahalgam including Lidderwat, Baisaran, and others. One of the most breathtaking treks in Pahalgam is the legendary Sheeshnag trek, where you get to witness the holy lake of Sheeshnag.
  • Camping: Pahalgam is an infamous destination for camping lovers. There are tons of locations for a refereshing camping experience. Camps are available on rent also at various shops.
  • Photography: If you visit Pahalgam and do not click many pics, then you have done a big mistake. Pahalgam is a place to store in your heart forever and capturing it is always recommended. You should click as many pictures as you can so that it remains somewhere to recall later. You can also Hire a photographer at Pahalgam to make amazing photos and reels.
  • Golfing: Visit the Pahalgam Golf Course and get amazed by the awesome experience of golfing here. Playing golf between vast meadows and forests is a rejuvenating activity that everyone should try.
  • Rock Climbing: Not for everyone but the adventure lovers are going to get too much exited while rock climbing in Pahalgam. The area hosts many areas for rock climbing and pumping some adrenaline. The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering hosts courses for many adventure sports including rock climbing.
  • Shopping: Without shopping your visit to Pahalgam is a lukewarm experience. There are many items to buy in Pahalgam including handicrafts, Shilajit, Kashmiri saffron, dry fruits, clothes and much more
Pahalgam Kashmir Compete Information (6)
Pahalgam Kashmir Compete Information (6)

Hotels at Pahalgam

Luxury Accomodations

Pahalgam hosts many luxurious staying options that will be more than enough for your peaceful stay at the natural surroundings of Pahalgam. Some options are “WelcomHotel by ITC,” “The Chinar Resort and Spa,” and “Radisson Resort Pahalgam.”

Deluxe Accommodations
If you want a deluxe or midrange accommodation to stay at Pahalgam, you have many options available. Pahalgam hosts deluxe accommodations like “Hotel Pine View Resort Pahalgam,” “Hotel Crown Pine” and “Hotel Little Silver.”
Budget Accommodations

Cheap and comfortable stays are also available in Pahalgam with satisfying services and facilities. Some options are “Al Hayat Guest House,” “Pine Brooke” and “New Snow View Resort Pahalgam.”

Food available at Pahalgam

Places for Veg-lovers

You can find many purely vegetarian places in and around Pahalgam like “Taste Buds” restaurant on the Chandanwari Road. “Nathus Rasoi,” “Sagar Ratna Pahalgam” and Dana Pani are some other options among the many that you can find all over Pahalgam.

Places for Non-Veg-lovers

There are lots and lots of places for non-vegetarian food lovers in Pahalgam. Some options among many include “Sifar Pahalgam,” “Punjabi Rasoi” and “Gashi Multicuisine Restaurant.” You will be licking your fingers after tasting the rich cuisine of Kashmir.

Things to buy in Pahalgam

  • Kashmiri Handicrafts: The Kashmiri handicrafts are famous world-over for their fine quality and unique artistry. The Pashmina Shawl and Kashmiri carpets are among the best pieces of art to buy but at an expensive budget. Most of these arts are available to buy in Pahalgam at various shops . If you love to explore art, you are going to get amazed by the vast variety of Kashmiri craft.
  • Framed Pictures: A beautiful picture in the lush valleys of Kashmir will be a perfect sovenir to take home. Pictures define stories and store emotions within them. You can easily get framed pictures in Pahalgam at good prices after some bargaining.
  • Kashmiri Saffron: Kashmiri Saffron is considered one of the most premium and rich spices in the world. The saffron that grows on the Karewas of Kashmir, especially Pampore, is among the best items to take home. You should buy saffron with utmost precaution as many people are fooled by low prices. There are many shops that sell original saffron at fair prices in Pahalgam.
  • Himalayan Shilajit: Shilajit is a herbal product that hosts immense energy, vitamins, minerals and other benefits. It is one of the most sought after products among tourists in India. You need to be cautious in buying Shilajit as many sellers offer fake Shilajit at low prices. You can buy genuine Himalayan Shilajit from many shops in Pahalgam.
  • Dry Fruits: Kashmiri almonds, chestnuts, water chestnuts, and many other dry fruits are absolutely amazing in taste. These dry fruits have lots of nutrients packed in to keep yourself healthy. You can buy good quality dry fruits at many shops in Pahalgam.
Pahalgam Kashmir Compete Information (6)
Pahalgam Kashmir Compete Information (6)

Treks to do at Pahalgam

  • Lidderwat Trek: Lidderwat is a famous meadow in the vicinity of Pahalgam. It is one of the shortest treks that you can truly enjoy in Pahalgam. The trek is approximately 10 kilometres after reaching Aru Valley.
  • Baisaran Trek: This is one of the most rewarding but also one of the shortest treks in Pahalgam. At Baisaran Valley, it feels like you have visited some true heaven on earth. The trek distance is approximately 7-8 kilometres.
  • Sheeshnag Lake Trek: Sheeshnag Lake is one of the most majestic locations in Kashmir. Being associated with religious Hindu literature, this place is highly revered. Like other devotees you can dip in the serene waters of this lake after taking the 13 kilometre trek from Chandanwari.

Weather in Pahalgam

The weather in Pahalgam can be described as pleasant and cool although the temperatures get tougher in peak winters and summers.
  • Pahalgam Weather in January: A day in the month of Janaury will be chilling when the night tempertaures drop down to minus 12 degrees celcius. The day temperature ranges between -7 to 4 degrees celcius.
  • Pahalgam Weather in February: In the month of February, the weather remains almost similar to the month of January when the temperatures touch the minus scale at night.
  • Pahalgam Weather in March: The month of march in Pahalgam gets slightly warmer than the previous months. The average temperatures of the day remain between -1 to 12 degrees celcius.
  • Pahalgam Weather in April: April in Pahalgam pushes the weather towards the upcoming summer, when greenery starts to appear and flowers start to bloom everywhere. The average temperature during this time remains between 3 to 18 degree celcius.
  • Pahalgam Weather in May: The month of may in Pahalgam gets a little more warmer with the temperatures touching 25 degrees celcius. It is a pleasant time with cool weather.
  • Pahalgam Weather in June: The entering of June marks the entry to summer season in Pahalgam, when the temperatures go up to 25 degrees celcius.
  • Pahalgam Weather in July: The month of July is the peak summer time in Pahalgam with the temperatures moving up to 28 degrees celcius at the daytime.
  • Pahalgam Weather in August: The month is august in Pahalgam is almost warm like July. The temperatures are warm and the weather sunny.
  • Pahalgam Weather in September: The month of September in Pahalgam marks a shift towards the beautiful autumn season. The temperatures show a slight drop and cooler winds occupy the air.
  • Pahalgam Weather in October: The month of october in Pahalgam is cold, when cloudy weather becomes a daily affair. The temperatures plummet down to 2 degrees celcius.
  • Pahalgam Weather in November: November in Pahalgam is marked by cold weather and cloudy sky. The soil becomes dry and multiple layers of clothing are extremely important.
  • Pahalgam Weather in December: With the start of December, the temperatures move down to the minus scale and snow is also expected in the latter part of this month
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What is the meaning of “Pahalgam”?

Pahalgam is the conjunction of two Kashmiri words, “Pahal” and “Gam,” where the former means “Shepherds” and the latter means “a village.” This is why it is often reffered to as the “Valley of Shepherds.” You can see many shepherds grazing their flock in the higher reaches of Pahalgam even today.

History and Mythology

Pahalgam was a prime hill station for a vacation during the british rule. The valley has also witnessed the Mughal Rule when the Mughal emperors visited the valley and admired the beauty within. The Hindu literature refers to Pahalgam as the place where the God Shiva left his bull and set to the Amarnath Cave to uncover the secret of immortality to his wife, Parvati. Interestingly, It is also believed that Shiva left his snakes in Sheeshnag, moon in Chandanwai and Ganesha on the Mahaguna Parbat

Importance of Pahalgam

With plenty of natural resources and spiritual material in the place, Pahalgam becomes a much important destination. It is one of the most visited hill-stations in India and serves to a large volume of people associated with tourism. It is also one of the two routes for the revered annual Amarnath Yatra, making it a highly important place. Natural resources like glaciers, streams and minerals are abundant in the place. You will get amazed with the wide range of flora and fauna here, which contributes to the diversity of the planet

Amarnath Yatra

You must be familiar with the annual Amarnath Yatra that takes place every year between the months of June and August. The Yatra or pilgrimage is done by the Hindu community to the Amarnath Cave in the higher reaches of Sonmarg in Kashmir. The cave is considered holy and people take blessings at the cave near the ice lingam, which is a miracle to see. You can check the details of the yatra, like how to register and the schedule for the same on the website of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board


Overall, Pahalgam is a must-visit destination in the Kashmir region. You should keep this beautiful heaven in your planned journey as it deserves to be there. You will find many other recreations in Pahalgam that are not mentioned here. It is a soul-filling and peaceful piece of land on earth that is perfect for families, couples and even solo travellers

Frequently asked questions

Pahalgam is famous for its stunning natural beauty, including lush meadows, pine forests, and the scenic Lidder River, making it a popular destination for tourists seeking tranquility and outdoor activities in Jammu and Kashmir

Pahalgam is dubbed “Mini Switzerland” for its breathtaking scenery of lush meadows, pine forests, and the Lidder River, resembling Switzerland’s natural beauty. The snow-covered peaks in winter add to its charm, reminiscent of Swiss landscapes. This picturesque town attracts tourists with its trekking opportunities, pony rides, and serene environment, making it a popular destination in Jammu and Kashmir.


Spending 2 days in Pahalgam allows you to explore its main attractions like Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, Lidder River, and perhaps indulge in activities like trekking or pony rides. While more time would let you explore further, 2 days can provide a good introduction to its natural beauty.

Both destinations are equally beautiful and charming. It is up to you to explore these pieces of heavens. However, Gulmarg is associated with snow more than Pahalgam as it serves as the snow epicenter for tourists in the winter

There is proper network connectivity in Pahalgam. You can buy new simcards also from the Pahalgam market

There are a few ATM’s in the Pahalgam market which are accessible easily

There is a petrol pump in the main Pahalgam area which caters to a large amount of vehicles daily.

To protect yourself both physically and financially, you can impart certain practices while in Pahalgam. Keep your identity proofs with you all the time. Check weather before moving out. You will also need to check government rates of the tourist services to be safe from scammers.

Pahalgam is located approximately 95 kilometers (59 miles) southeast of Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Traveling by road usually takes around 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions

Yes, you can see snow in Pahalgam, especially during the winter months from December to February. The town and surrounding areas experience snowfall, transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland with snow-covered mountains, meadows, and trees. Snow adds to the scenic beauty of Pahalgam and attracts visitors who enjoy activities like skiing and snow trekking during this time.

Traveling to Pahalgam at night may not be advisable due to several factors:

  1. Road Conditions: The road from Srinagar to Pahalgam can be narrow and winding in places, which may become more challenging to navigate at night, especially if visibility is poor.

  2. Security Concerns: While Pahalgam is a popular tourist destination, it’s important to be aware of the security situation in the region. Traveling during daylight hours can be safer and more secure.

  3. Limited Services: Facilities and services such as roadside assistance, accommodations, and food options may be limited or closed during late hours, making it less convenient for travelers.

It’s generally recommended to plan your travel to Pahalgam during daylight hours to ensure better safety, visibility, and access to services. If traveling at night is necessary, it’s advisable to check local conditions and ensure you have proper arrangements in place.