Sonmarg is one of the most visited places in Kashmir. There are many reasons for it being a highly preferred location among tourists in Kashmir. This destination hosts spectacular natural beauty, peaceful environment, rich natural resources, and spiritual locations. Sonmarg provides the only route to Ladakh region from the state of Jammu and Kashmir through the Zojila Pass. Sonmarg is located around 80 kilometres away from the Srinagar city in the Ganderbal district. Its elevation is 2,730 meters and it lies in the Greater Himalayan Range. It becomes one of best locations for a vacation in Kashmir.


How to reach Sonamarg

There area multiple options by which you can reach the beautiful heaven of Sonmarg. You can use multiple modes to reach Sonmarg via road, train and air.
  • How to Reach Sonamarg By train: The train upto the Banihal station in Jammu and Kashmir is a recent update from the government. At anytime soon the train will be open for everyone to reach Srinagar. Till the you can board a train upto the Jammu Tawi or the Udhampur Railway station and take a taxi afterwards
  • How to Reach Sonamarg By Bus or taxi:You can take a bus, a state transport bus or a deluxe coach bus to the city of Jammu and after that take a bus or taxi straight to Srinagar from the Jammu Bus Stand. This journey is one of the beautiful road journeys in India. The journey from Jammu to Srinagar via thet NH44 will take around 5 to 8 hours depending on the traffic, You can book taxi in Kashmir in affordable price with Tripmore. .
  • How to Reach Sonamarg By air: All the major cities offer direct and indirect flights to the Srinagar International Airport. Other cities may only offer connecting flights to reach the Srinagar city
Sonmarg Complete tour guide
Sonmarg Complete tour guide

On the way places to Sonmarg

  • Wayil Riverside Park: Wayil is a famous area for day picnics and excursions. It is famous for its soothing Sindh River that flows under the Wayil Bridge. The Riverside park at Wayil offers a perfect place to rest for some time and enjoy tasty meals by the river.
  • Preng Park: This is another riverside park that is one of the top places to visit on the way to Sonmarg. You can enjoy a cup of tea by the smoothly flowing River Sindh.
  • Hung Park Kangan: This is a park in Kangan area, just below the Sonmarg Valley. This park is surrounded by water on all sides by the gushing flow of the Sindh River. You can rest and have a meal in under the shades of trees here.
  • Kangan Market: This is a colourful market on the way to Sonmarg. You can buy almost anything here including clothes, electronics, snacks, pottery utensils and much more

Places to Visit in Sonamarg

  • Sonmarg Market: Sonmarg has a small but charming market which sells almost everything that is in your mind. From clothes and food to everyday usage items, this place is your one-stop shop in Sonmarg.
  •  Thajwas Glacier: The Thajwas Glacier is located in Sonmarg and is one of the most loved places in Sonmarg. You can slide on the glacier on sledges and photograph yourself on the huge chunk of snow here.
  •  Baltal Valley: This is a beautiful valley in Sonmarg area with amazing staying options by the Sindh River. There has also come up a glamping site here which provides an awesome staying option amid the peaceful sound of rushing water.
  • Zero Point: This is a famous point on the Srinagar-Ladakh Highway. Zero Point is a stop after crossing the challenging pass of Zojila. This point is considered the gateway to Ladakh as on one side is the Kashmir Valley and on the other is the Ladakh region.
  • Sarbal Village: The last village in Kashmir towards the Ladakh region is Sarbal. This village is located on the way to Ladakh. The village hosts a small hamlet on the slopes of mountains with people living a primitive life. This place is filled with beautiful people that are occupied by their simple daily chores.
  •  Thajwas-Baltal Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is one of the most important places for wildlife conservation in Kashmir. The place hosts diverse Himalayan fauna including the endangered Kashmir Stag. This area is a heaven for a wildlife enthusiast because of its rich flora and fauna
Sonmarg Complete tour guide (7)
Sonmarg Complete tour guide

Things to do in Sonmarg

  • River Rafting: This is one of the most energizing sports to do in Sonmarg. The Sindh River provides a perfect platform to ride on the waves on a raft. It is also a safe sport that can also be done by children. You will be amazed by the river rafting experience in Sonmarg.
  •  Trekking: Trekking is one of the most loved sports in Sonmarg. There are plenty of beautiful places to trek to in the valley. The shortest among these is the Thajwas Glacier Trek. Many other treks are available including the Gangabal and Vishansar Lake Trek. You can also take horses for a quicker and comfortable journey.
  • Angling: With many of fresh trout swimming in the waters of the Sindh River in Sonmarg, angler get a great opportunity to enjoy the sport of angling. There are multiple points where you can catch some healthy trout fish.
  • Camping: Camping is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences to do in Sonmarg. There are lots of places that are suitable for a peaceful camping experience. Tents and other equipment are available at some shops in the Sonmarg area.
  • Glamping: It must be a new term to hear for many people but glamping is getting famous day by day. Glamping means to stay in a tent but which is equally luxurious to a premium hotel. There is one place where you can do glamping in Sonmarg, the Baltal Valley.
  • Photography: It will be unfair if you do not take a lot of photographs in the stunningly beautiful Sonmarg Valley. You should always take photographs to make this journey a memorable one.
  •  Shopping: There are many items to shop at the Sonmarg market. The market is not big but offers a wide range of items that are necessary for everyone. You can also buy framed photgraphs and Kashmiri handicrafts here

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Sonmarg Complete tour guide
Sonmarg Complete tour guide

Hotels at Sonmarg

Luxury Accomodations

Sonmarg hosts many luxurious staying options that will be more than enough for your peaceful stay at the natural surroundings of Sonmarg. Some options are “Raddison Hotel Sonmarg,” “Country Inn and Suites,” and “Lemon Tree Hotel.”

Deluxe Accommodations
If you want a deluxe or midrange accommodation to stay at Sonmarg, you have many options available. Sonmarg hosts deluxe accommodations like “Hotel Rah Villas,” “Imperial Resorts” and “Snowber Resorts.”
Budget Accommodations

Cheap and comfortable stays are also available in Sonmarg with satisfying services and facilities. Some options are “Footprints Sonmarg,” and “Hotel Mughal India.”

Food available at Sonmarg

Places for Veg-lovers

You can find many purely vegetarian places in and around Sonmarg like “Dogra Vaishno Bhojnalay” restaurant. “Glacier Heights Restaurant,” and “Manoranjan Dhaba” are some other options among the many that you can find in and around Sonmarg.

Places for Non-Veg-lovers

There are lots and lots of places for non-vegetarian food lovers in Sonmarg. Some options among many include “Glacier Heights Restaurant,” “Zeeshan Hotel and Restaurant” and “Lolabi Kashmiri Wazwan.” You will be licking your fingers after tasting the rich cuisine of Kashmir

Things to buy in Sonmarg

  • Kashmiri Handicrafts: The Kashmiri handicrafts are famous world-over for their fine quality and unique artistry. The Pashmina Shawl and Kashmiri carpets are among the best pieces of art to buy but at an expensive budget. Most of these arts are available to buy in Sonmarg at various shops . If you love to explore art, you are going to get amazed by the vast variety of Kashmiri craft.
  • Framed Pictures: A beautiful picture in the lush valleys of Kashmir will be a perfect souvenir to take home. Pictures define stories and store emotions within them. You can easily get framed pictures in Sonmarg at good prices after some bargaining.
  • Kashmiri Saffron: Kashmiri Saffron is considered one of the most premium and rich spices in the world. The saffron that grows on the Karewas of Kashmir, especially Pampore, is among the best items to take home. You should buy saffron with utmost precaution as many people are fooled by low prices. There are many shops that sell original saffron at fair prices in Sonmarg.
  • Himalayan Shilajit: Shilajit is a herbal product that hosts immense energy, vitamins, minerals and other benefits. It is one of the most sought after products among tourists in India. You need to be cautious in buying Shilajit as many sellers offer fake Shilajit at low prices. You can buy genuine Himalayan Shilajit from many shops in Sonmarg.
  • Dry Fruits: Kashmiri almonds, chestnuts, water chestnuts, and many other dry fruits are absolutely amazing in taste. These dry fruits have lots of nutrients packed in to keep yourself healthy. You can buy good quality dry fruits at many shops in Sonmarg.

Treks to do at Sonmarg

  • Thajwas Glacier Trek: Thajwas Glacier overlooks the Sonmarg Valley and beatifies the whole area. When you reach Sonmarg, you will see a large snowcapped mountain on your right side. This is the mighty Thajwas. It is not far from the main Sonmarg area and trekking to the place takes only few hours.

  • Gadsar Lake Trek: Gadsar Lake is a high altitude lake in the upper reaches of Sonmarg. It is a serene lake covered with wild flowers and appears to be a wonder of nature. Trekking to this lake takes nearly 3 days from Sonmarg.

  • Gangabal Lake Trek: Gangabal Lake is a sacred lake for Hindus in the upper reaches of Sonmarg. This lake is the largest alpine (high altitude) lake in the Kashmir Valley. It is a marvellous lake that stirs the soul of the person in front. This beauty is 3 to 4 days away from Sonmarg

Weather in Sonmarg

  • Sonmarg Weather in January: A day in the month of Janaury will be chilling when the night tempertaures drop down to minus 12 degrees celcius. The day temperature ranges between -8 to-5 degrees celcius.
  • Sonmarg Weather in February: In the month of February, the weather remains almost similar to the month of January when the temperatures touch the minus scale at night.
  • Sonmarg Weather in March: The month of march in Sonmarg gets slightly warmer than the previous months. The average temperatures of the day remain between -3 to 2 degrees celcius.
  • Sonmarg Weather in April: April in Sonmarg pushes the weather towards the upcoming summer, when greenery starts to appear and flowers start to bloom everywhere. The average temperature during this time remains between 4 to 10 degree celcius.
  • Sonmarg Weather in May: The month of may in Sonmarg gets a little more warmer with the temperatures touching 17 degrees celcius. It is a pleasant time with cool weather.
  • Sonmarg Weather in June: The entering of June marks the entry to summer season in Sonmarg, when the temperatures go up to 22 degrees celcius.
  • Sonmarg Weather in July: The month of July is the peak summer time in Sonmarg with the temperatures moving up to 24 degrees celcius at the daytime.
  • Sonmarg Weather in August: The month is august in Sonmarg is almost warm like July. The temperatures are warm and the weather sunny.
  • Sonmarg Weather in September: The month of September in Sonmarg marks a shift towards the beautiful autumn season. The temperatures show a slight drop and cooler winds occupy the air.
  • Sonmarg Weather in October: The month of october in Sonmarg is cold, when cloudy weather becomes a daily affair. The temperatures plummet down to 4 degrees celcius.
  • Sonmarg Weather in November: November in Sonmarg is marked by cold weather and cloudy sky. The soil becomes dry and multiple layers of clothing are extremely important.
  • Sonmarg Weather in December: With the start of December, the temperatures move down to the minus scale and snow is also expected in the latter part of this month.
Sonmarg Complete tour guide
Sonmarg Complete tour guide
What is the meaning of “Sonmarg”?

Sonmarg’ is a Kashmiri word that breaks into two words, ‘Son’ and ‘Marg.’ The former translates to ‘gold’ and the latter means ‘a meadow.’ This is why it is sometimes called the ‘Golden Meadow.’ Some say that when the sun sets and rises in Sonmarg, the sunrays fall on the rugged mountains here, creating a golden landscape that cools the eyes

History and Mythology

Sonmarg has a rich history attached to it. It has been a part of the historic Silk Route that would enable people to visit Tibet from Kashmir. It has also served a strategic location for Indian army in terms of relations with China. Sonmarg was a known destination from a long time. The Mughal Emperor Akbar is believed to have visited the area for hunting purposes. Sonmarg has remained a delightful location for tourists from a long time and still sees increase in tourist footfall every year.

Importance of Sonmarg

Sonmarg serves as a high priority area for India because it falls on the only way to Ladakh from Kashmir. It is also in close proximity with the border Indo-Tibetan Border. The Army has set up the High Altitude Warfare School in Sonmarg for training of the special forces for high altitude warfare. The Baltal area in Sonmarg serves as another base camp for the Amarnath Yatra which gives it more importance. The biodiversity of the area is also diverse and many rare species have their home in the area. There are abundant natural resources in the area including forests, grasslands, lakes, glaciers and streams. The Sindh River in Sonmarg is one of the largest tributaries of the Jhelum River.

Amarnath Yatra

You must be familiar with the annual Amarnath Yatra that takes place every year between the months of June and August. The Yatra or pilgrimage is done by the Hindu community to the Amarnath Cave in the higher reaches of Sonmarg in Kashmir. The cave is considered holy and people take blessings at the cave near the ice lingam, which is a miracle to see. You can check the details of the yatra, like how to register and the schedule for the same on the website of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board


Sonmarg is not only an appealing place but it is a place that reconnects you with nature and your inner self. People get healed in the tranquil environment of Sonmarg and regain strength, courage and hope to tackle their problems in life. Overall, Sonmarg is a must-visit location in Kashmir and we should always keep it clean and green.

Frequently asked questions

Both places have their own charm and both are best to visit. I recommend you to visit these both I you have extra time

There is proper network connectivity in Sonmarg. You can buy new simcards also from the Sonmarg market


Spending 2 days in Sonmsrg allows you to explore its main attractions like Zero point, Batal, Fish point and perhaps indulge in activities like trekking or pony rides. While more time would let you explore further, 2 days can provide a good introduction to its natural beauty.

There are a Jammu and Kashmir Bank ATM in the Sonmarg market which are accessible easily

There is a petrol pump in the Sonmarg market area which caters to a lot of vehicles daily

To protect yourself both physically and financially, you can impart certain practices while in Sonmarg. Keep your identity proofs with you all the time. Check weather before moving out. You will also need to check government rates of the tourist services to be safe from scammers