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In this blog we will discuss all the questions that will come to your mind if you are visiting Kashmir. If you are looking for accommodation related question or related to travel we got you covered. We have divided this page in parts so that you can find and read all the necessary questions easily. If you did not found your question call us on 7051909192. So without wasting any more time let’s get started. 

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FAQ's Related to General Kashmir Planning:

Kashmir Tour Package 5 Night 6 days

Is it safe to travel to Kashmir?

Yes, It is safe to travel to Kashmir. Since 2019, there has been no incident that affects safety.

What's the best time to visit Kashmir?

The best time to visit Kashmir is based on what you like if you love snow activities then its Winter. If you like green meadows then Summer is the best time.

How many days are ideal for a Kashmir trip?

6 to 5 Days are ideal for a Kashmir Trip. You can cover all the destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam , Sonamarg and Doodhpathri

Do I need a permit to visit Kashmir?

No, You do not need a permit to visit Kashmir.

How much does a Kashmir trip cost?

Kashmir Trip Costs around 15K to 20K Per person for a basic Kashimir tour Package. Also then depends on what type of pakage you want.

What currency is used in Kashmir?

INR is the Currency that is used in Kashmir.

How to get to Kashmir?

You can get to Kashmir by :

  •  Air
  • Road
  • Train

Where can i get cheapest Kashmir tour package?

You can get the cheapest Kashmir tour at Tripmore.

What is the best way to travel around Kashmir?

The best way to travel around kashmir is by bookings Taxi service in Kashmir.

Which is the best travel agency for Kashmir?

What is the internet connectivity like in Kashmir?

There is internet connectivity in Kashmir. Just keep in mind some tourist destination might have slower internet speeds.

Which SIM will work in Kashmir?

Only Postpaid SIM will work in Kashmir. Prepaid SIM registered in any other state other than Jammu and Kashmir are banned.

FAQ's Related to Accommodation in Kashmir

Luxury Hotels in Kashmir

Which is the number one hotel in Kashmir?

The number one hotel in Kashmir is the Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar. 

Where should we stay in Kashmir?

You can stay in 3 Types of accommodations in Kashmir

  • Houseboats
  • Hotels
  • Hostels

Is it better to stay in Srinagar or Gulmarg?

It depends upon how many days you have on your package. If you have more than 2 days in Gulmarg then Staying at Gulmarg is a better option. If not then staying at Srinagar is better

How to book cheapest hotel in Kashmir?

If you want to book cheapest hotels in Kashmir. All you need to do is contact Tripmore. We have tied up with best cheap hotel in Kashmir.

How to book hotel in Kashmir?

To book hotels in Kashmir you can do it buy any online agency like MakemyTrip, Tripadvisor. You can also book it by local agecies like Tripmore.

Best hotels in Srinagar near Dal Lake

Best hotels in Srinagar near Dal Lake will depend on Budget. There are both budget as well as Luxury hotels near Dal Lake.

What are Best Hotels in Srinagar?

Best Hotels in Srinagar Are:

  • Lalit Grand Palace
  • Vivanta By Taj


Which is best hotels in Pahalgam?

Best hotel in Pahalgam is:

  • The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

What are the different types of accommodation options available in Kashmir?

Different types of accommodation options available in Kashmir are Houseboat Stays, Hostel Stays, Hostel Stays and Camping.

Is Houseboat included in Kashmir Tour Package?

If you book at Tripmore, Houseboat will be included in Kashmir Tour Package. Also you will get it at most of the travel company that offers packages, as houseboats stays are a must thing to do in Kashmir.

Should i prebook hotels for Kashmir trip?

Yes, You should prebook hotels for Kashmir Trip. As if you do late in that all the best hotels will get sold out. Its advised to book hotels at least 30 day prior to your trip.

Do hotels in Kashmir serve Vegitarian food?

Yes. Hotels in Kashmir serve Vagitarian food. You will get veg options almost in all hotels in Kashmir.

Best Luxury hotels in Kashmir?

Best Luxury Hotels in Kashmir are as:

  1. The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar
  2. Vivanta By Taj
  3. Radisson Hotel Srinagar

Are Un-married Couples allowed in hotels in Kashmir?

Un-married couples are allowed in hotels in Kashmir. You do not need to worry about anything.

Best 3 Star Hotels in Kashmir?

Best 3 Star Hotels in Kashmir are as: 

  1. The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar
  2. Vivanta By Taj Srinagar
  3. Khyber Hotel Pahalgam


What are amenities offered by 3 Star hotels in Kashmir?

3-star hotels in Kashmir offer the essentials: clean rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, and air-conditioning/heating. you will also find amenities like Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and laundry service.

What is check-in And Check-out time of hotels in Kashmir?

  • Check-in 12:00 PM
  • Check-out 11:30 AM

What are top budget hotels in Kashmir?

Top Budget hotels in Kashmir are:

  • Hotel Samar
  • Hotel Kashmir Inn
  • Guest House

Cheap Accommodation in Kashmir

If you are looking for Cheap accommodation in Kashmir then you can call on 705190192 and we will arrange you the cheapest hotel.

Are there hostel type accommodation in Kashmir?

Yes, There are hostel type of accommodation available in Kashmir. 

FAQ's Related to Transportation in Kashmir

Jammu to Srinagar Tempo Traveller

How to book Taxi service in Kashmir?

To book taxi service in kashmir you can do so with Tripmore. As no other taxi service is operational in Kashmir region. Call us on 7051909192

What are taxi options in Kashmir?

Taxi options in Kashmir are as:

  1. Sedan
  2. SUV
  3. Tempo Traveller

If i am travelling with a Group, Which Taxi option will be best for me?

For big groups and families tempo traveller is the best taxi option in Kashmir.

What is price for taxi in Kashmir?

Price of Taxi in Kashmir will be based on number of days you are travelling:

  •  Sedan : Rs 2500/day
  •  SUV: Rs 3000/day
  • Tempo Traveller: Rs 4500/day

How much taxi charge from Srinagar?

Taxi Charges from Srinagar will depend on the number days you take the taxi. You can also take taxi for drop only but that a bit expensive.

Is Uber available in Srinagar Kashmir?

No, Uber service is not available in Srinagar Kashmir. You have to book taxi service from local agencies like Tripmore.


Which cab service works in Kashmir?

Tripmore’s Cab Service works in Kashmir. For can bookings call us on 7051909192

How much does a taxi cost per day in Srinagar?

Taxi cost in Srinagar ill be 2500 Per day in a Sedan Taxi, For SUV it will be Rs 3000 per day and for tempo its Rs 4500 per day

What is the best mode of transport in Kashmir?

The best mode of transport in Kashmir is taking a Private cab for the complete package. by doing this you will have transport available all the time.

Which is the best taxi service in Kashmir?

According to google reviews the best Taxi Service in Kashmir is Tripmore. With over 1.3K positive reviews makes Tripmore the best taxi service in Kashmir.


What is the cheapest mode of transport in Kashmir?

Cheapest mode of Transport in Kashmir is travelling with local transport like buses and Sumo.

How to book Kashmir taxi Service online?

To book Taxi Service Online Click here and book you taxi now with Tripmore on WhatsApp.

Do i have to take separate Union Taxis for local sightseeing in Kashmir?

Yes. You have to take separate union Taxi for local seightseeing at tourist places. 

Is there OLA Taxi service in Kashmir?

No, There is no OLA taxi service in Kashmir.


Should I rent a car with or without a driver in Kashmir?

Its depends on your comfort level and driving experience. With a driver, you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Without a driver, ensure you have a valid  driving license and are comfortable navigating unfamiliar roads

Can we rent Self Drive Cars in Kashmir?

Yes, you can easily rent Self Drive cars in Kashmir. There is no rule stopping you from renting a Self Drive car in Kashmir.