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Frequently asked questions regarding Kashmir tour and taxi service. Things you need to know in 2021 before coming to Kashmir.

What is Tripmore?

Tripmore is a car/cab/taxi rental agency in Srinagar Kashmir dealing majorly with tourists and at times helping localities in need of emergencies. Apart from that Tripmore provides accommodation booking and complete tour packs for Kashmir and Ladakh region.
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How many and what vehicles does Tripmore have?

Tripmore has a large fleet of vehicles as per the table

In Sedan Tripmore has
1. Toyota Etios
2. Swift Dzire
3. Maruti Suzuki SX4
4. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
5. Ertiga
6. Ford Ecosport

In MUV we have
1. Toyota Innova
2. Toyota Innova Crysta
3. Renault Triber

In SUV we have
1. Mahindra Scorpio
2. Mahindra Thar
3. Toyota Fortuner
4. Scorpio
5. Safari
6. Chevrolet Tavera
Best-kashmir-Taxi-services-Best-cab-service-in-KashmirCab-services-in-SRinagr-Kashmir-best-travel-agencyHighest-rated-travel-agency-in-Kashmir-7051909(2) Innova Crysta rental in Srinagar kashmir Scorpio taxi cab rent in Srinagar Kashmir Tripmore Taxi services. Book a Scorpio in Kashmir instantly. Best travel agent and honeymoon packages in Kashmir.

How can Tripmore help a guest / tourist coming to Kashmir or Ladakh?

Tripmore can assist you with the following things.
1. Itinerary planning
2. Air-Ticketing
3. Ground Transfer from Airport to Airport
4. Accommodation (with and without Meals).
5. Sightseeing

Tripmore can help you in planning the tour to save you time and money. As a tourist you will be coming once and for a lifetime , let Tripmore plan you a trip according to your preferences be it a bachelor group full of energy , a honeymoon couple demanding private leisure time or elderly wanting to see and gaze upon nature we arrange you transport, flights, meals and accomodation.

How to book a taxi / cab in Srinagar , Kashmir?

If you are a local or a tourist the booking of a cab is easy
By call
1. Call Tripmore on +91-7051 909192 |+91 9622 222987
2. Discuss with the agent your itinerary /tour-plan along with your requirements.
3. Pay an upfront 30% of the total cost
4. You are done wait for the Driver details.

By WhatsApp
1. Send your name and itinerary on WhatsApp +91 7051909192 | +91 9622 222987
2. Wait for the agent to read and reply to your itinerary.
3. Pay an upfront 30% of the total cost
4. You are done wait for the Driver details.

Is Kashmir safe, how is the scenario in Kashmir in 2021?

Kashmir is the safest place for tourists from any part in the world. Following are some citations from honest and genuine newspaper dailies and Wikipedia.
1. Neighbourhood Info
2. Indian Express
3. Early Times
4. Wikipedia
5. Greater Kashmir

How are the services of Tripmroe.

We can not speak good of ourselves. Please do read about our reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.
1. Google
2. TripAdvisor

What are the activities do in Kashmir and Ladhakh?

Besides the stunning facades, marvellous gardens, ever running white waters and heritage buildings Kashmir has lot to offer to the young energetic souls, to rush adrenaline through their veins. Though there are many activities of entertainment and recreation.
Here we have compiled the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir.
Heli-skiing and snow sports
White water rafting
Gondola (Cable car)
Shikara ride (Waterboating)
Horse riding

Where to do paragliding in Kashmir: you can refill you soul with the thrill of paragliding in Harwan, which is 15kms from Srinagar city centre.
What is the price of paragliding: The price range is fixed 3,000 Rupees per person.
What is the Best time to do paragliding in Kashmir?:  The paragliding in kashmir is seasonal, that mean it is there in the summers only. Best time to go for that is June-September.
Heli-skiing and snow sports: Now this is getting interesting, Skiers are taken to the top of the mountain ridge by helicopters from where they ski down the great Himalayan slopes. People all over the globe come to the Gulmarg and load their sprit with thrill. You can also try snowboarding if you are a pro at that. Before going uphill you need to fill up some forms as it is dangerously exciting adventure. For beginners there are ski classes and for semi-pro’s there is chair lift by which they can elevate at a good height to zap over snow. Elderly persons can try Sledging and ATV rides.
For clothing, skiing equipment, where to stay, how to reach and other question you can directly get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.
So we have put this activity in #2 in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do Heli-Skiing?: It is no other than host of nation and international skiing events, Gulmarg. Which is 70kms from the Srinagar city.
What is the price of Heli-Skiing?: Excluding skiing gears price for this activity is 5,500 Rupees.
Best time to do Heli-Skiing: As it is completely depends on snow so the best time to do heli-skiing is December to April.
Where to do White water rafting in Kashmir?: rafting in the Lidder and Sind river is pulse racing moment of the life. Equipped with paddles, life jackets and helmets in the past few years rafting has gained the steady popularity all over the Kashmir valley. Breathtaking views and jumps over the water waves add topping to the excitement. On the rafting day take towel and extra pair of clothes as they will get flushed with water.
For making videos they have waterproof pouches but you can also carry yours or simple clear polythene will work.
So we have put this activity in #3 in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do white water rafting?: there are several points to do rafting like Ganderbal, Sonmarg and Pahalgam. Best among them is Pahalgam. It is just 12kms from the Pahalgam main market known as rafting point.
What is the price of white water rafting?: for the full boat it is 3,500 Rupees. And if you want to go in sharing then the price will be comparatively less.
Best time to do white water rafting in Kashmir? this is a seasonal activity mainly in the summers. Though it is available throughout the summer, try in a hot sunny day of June.
Trekking: Kashmir is so called the “Trekkers paradise”. As whole of the valley is surrounded by the Himalayan and Pir Panchal range so you can tie your shoe and start you trek in the wanderlust. Kashmir offers an exclusive opportunity to explorers, trekkers, naturalists and lovers of nature to view some of the magnificent landscape, flora and fauna, lakes and glaciers which are still untouched.
Some of the treks in Kashmir are Great lakes trek, Ahrabal Kousarnag trek, Pahalgam Tullain trek, Kolohai trek, Tarsar Marsar lake trek.
So we have put this activity in #4 in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do trekking: there are some treks in the Srinagar itself and in Pahalgam and Gulmarg but best with moderate difficulty is Great Lakes trek which starts from Sonmarg and ends at Naranag.
What is the price of trekking: it completely depends on size of the group and the days of trek. Normally for the trek 2-4 days it comes in range 15,000 Indian Rupees.
Best time to do trekking: snow make the trek treacherous, so best season will be May-October 
Ropeway: Zip line or ropeway. Those who know what is that great! Those who don’t- let me tell you, it is the physical fastened (attached) harness with removable jacket. Although it is a 100% safe but for precautions helmet and gloves are provided. You have to get over the cliff, take a deep breath and leave the grip. There are no breaks so, don’t forget to scream and absorb the vibe while gliding over the Lidder River and meandering through pastures.
There are two step Ropeway at Pahalgam one for the kids and other for the adults. The ride is for less than a minute so hold on tight.
So we have put this activity in #5 in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do Ropeway: It is in the valley which is named after the movie “Betaab” that is Betaab Valley.
What is the price of Ropeway: it is budget friendly and comes in the range of 300 Rupees per person. And for kids it is half the amount to Adults.
Best time to do Ropeway: though it is available throughout the year except some months of heavy snowfall. Best time to go for that is May-July.
Gondola (Cable car): Far the best attraction in the town of Gulmarg. This cable car takes the visitors the scary height of 4,114 meter. The two stage ropeway is the world’s highest and Asia’s longest cable car covering at total distance of 5Kms and ferry takes 6 passengers in a cabin. If you wait for a while you can get a separate cabin for you two or the family.
First phase elevates to the height of 400mtrs and phase 2nd to spine tingling height of 4,114mtrs.
So we have put this activity in #6 in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do Gondola ride: you can enjoy the cable car or Gondola in Gulmarg, there is also a mini Gondola in the old city with takes the visitors to the heritage Shrine of Makdoom Sahib
What is the price of Gondola ride: For the first phase (Gulmarg to Kongdoori) it is 740 Rupees and for Second phase (Kongdoori to Affarwat) it is 950 Rupees. For both of the two phases it is 1,690 Rupees. Kids below the age of 3 years are free.
Best time to Gondola ride: you can enjoy the ride all the 12 months. Bookings starts in the morning 10am to 3pm in the afternoon. Best time to do Gondola ride is in December to February when everything is blanketed in the snow.
Shikara ride: Small colourful taxi boats almost 4-5meters long, Shikaras combine Mughals delight with Kashmiri hospitality. Providing with relaxation, cushioned seats and canopied roof, the narrow boats glides over the glassy waters of Dal Lake with a gentle laping, their heart shaped oars evoking a truly regal style of comfort and romance. This is not only the sole transportation to the dal lake but also serves visitors to do shopping in the floating markets You can try clicking some of the photos in the Kashmiri dress and have a mini meal of Maggi, tea or fruit salad in the Shikara.
So we have put this activity in #7 in the Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do Shikara ride: The best place to do the Shikara ride is in the Dal Lake, you can also oft for Shikara Ride in Nigeen lake and Manasbal lake.
What is the price of Shikara ride: the price normally depends upon the number of points covered. It will be ranging from 1000 – 2000 Rupees for a well exciting trip around Dal Lake.
Best time to do Shikara ride: You can enjoy Shikara ride form morning to evening but time to go for an ride is Early morning to see floating vegetable markets and in evening to enjoy the sunset.
Horse riding: ideally for the women, young kids and elderly visitors this activity sparks great zeal and zest in their sprit. These galloping horses take them deep into the woods on the small trails where they absorb the scented pine fragrance and feels like in lap of nature. Ponies are available at all the points of tourist interest, there are lots of places where the cars/taxies can’t go but the pony take you to these secret and mind blowing places.
Be a little humane while riding do not hit them instead enjoy the rhythms of the horsemen.
Last but not least in the list of Top 8 things to do in Kashmir for booking click here
Where to do horse riding: Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Doodpathri, Yousmarg and all the other places. Best among them is Pahalgam, where you can see Mini-Switzerland and Sheeshnag.
What is the price of horse riding: it completely depends on the bargain as the rate list is not applicable, if you are good at bargain you will get good deals. Mostly ranging from 1,200 Rupees onwards.
Best time to do horse riding: in the summers, mostly in the month of May-August.
There are some other thrilling activities to do in Kashmir like Angling, water skiing, golfing, biking and others. This is all I can share in this blog
We would love to hear from you how you like our blog and if you need any kind of help or suggestion you can write in the comment section below.
And once again I would like to Thank You for visiting our website and reading this thoroughly and I hope it will be helpful for you in choosing your loved activity in Kashmir.

How many drivers do Tripmore have and are they safe.

Tripmore has a group of drivers ranging from young enthusiast and experienced elderly guide cum drivers. They have at least 5+ years of experience in the field and are all registered with Tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir. None of the drivers has any cases on there names yet.
Regarding safety there are a lot of reviews from solo travellers, only girl groups , family groups , videos on YouTube that guarantee the love with safety and care from core of the heart. You might have hear that Kashmiri’s are known for their hospitality.

What are the names of Drivers? / Which are the best drivers in Kashmir.

Following are the best drivers in Kashmir as per the experience and customers handled.
1. Bashir Bhai
2. Nasir
3. Riyaz
4. Bashir Ahmad
5. Aijaz
6. Nasir
7. Abid
8. Waqar
9. Manzoor

Who is the best driver in Kashmir?

Bashir Ahmad also Known as Bashir bhai often in Youtube videos is the best driver in Kashmir. He has an experience of more than 25 years in tourism field. He does not usually boast it but he is often seen afterwards in the videos and photos when the guests Tag him and Tripmore in the memorable videos. and photos
.best driver in kashmir Bashir ahmadd best-driver-in-kashmir-bashir-ahmad-tripmore-best-3 best-driver-in-kashmir-bashir-ahmad-tripmore-best-3best driver in kashmir best driver in Kashmir , Licencebest-driver-in-kashmir-bashir-ahmad-tripmore-best

Which is the best travel agency in Kashmir?

With a fleet of 30 Vehicles and a group of experienced drivers headed by a Bashir Ahmad, Tripmore is the best Travel agency and Cab rental service in Kashmir and Ladakh. This is not what we are saying , this is by the number of reviews we have spilled all over the internet , the YouTube videos with the celebrities and the love of people afterwards.

What are the rates of vehicles and cab rentals in Kashmir for 2021.

As the Covid-19 is being cured , people have shown a lot of appreciation towards Kashmir, this season has had a good start over all from the very beginning of 2021
Following are the rates for major cabs plying in Kashmir on tour basis.
Sedan Etios/Dzire/SX4: 2500 / day
Innova : 3000 / day
Tempo 14-Seater : 4000 / day
Innova Crysta : 3800 / day

In that cost everything related to transportation is all included, taxes, parking, fuel, drivers living expense  and any other associated charges.

For individual specific rates refer to the following chart. Please add 12% GST and 19% Fuel hike charges to this.
kashmir rate list for taxi and cabs 2021 Innova Crysta rental in Srinagar kashmirTempo traveller tripmore (3)

Innova rates kashmir 2021 tripmore sedan rates kashmir 2021

What is the process of Booking a taxi/cab in Srinagar kashmir.

The process is easy .
1. Call Tripmore on 7051 909192 | 9622 222987
2. Confirm your booking by advance 30%
3. You are done.

Is Uber / Old available in Kashmir/Ladhakh?

No it is not available in Kashmir yet, but Tripmore gives you the same experience in the meadows and valleys of Kashmir.

How to do payment for Booking cab/accommodation with Tripmore.

Message us the details and we will send you the payment details on WhatsApp . You can pay using UPI / Paytm / Google Pay / Net Banking.

What are the things to do before coming to Kashmir ? Brief Checklist for going to Kashmir.

Before you come to Kashmir you need to have a checklist cleared off.

  1. Windproof Jacket : At all places you will feel the cold breeze in the day and chill in the evening time at any part of the year.
  2. Woollen Clothes , Socks , Glove : Precaution is better than cure. These cab be rented but the condition and hygiene can not be guaranteed.
  3. Woollen Cap : For taking care in cold of the night you need this.
  4. Scarf : Covering head is a type of respect to the culture and also protects you from cold waves.
  5. Camera with Extra Batteries: The batteries here in Kashmir tend to loose there charge quickly.
  6. Cold Cream : Due to weather change , its a must.
  7. Prescription / Medicines in extra quantity : Not a lot of Pharmacies are available at all times.
  8. Cash : As a hill station the number of ATM’s are limited
  9. Rubber boots : For muddy roads and snow