Self drive Thar in Kashmir

Yes! it is possible now to hire a Self-drive Thar in Kashmir without a driver for your Kashmir tour. we are providing cabs for your leisure and privacy. In this covid 19 situation, we have started to give the cabs without a driver so that there will be zero percent contact with each other in addition to that we are following the protocol of cleaning and sanitizing the cabs after every ride for the guest’s healthy and memorable journey.

Thar Rental in Srinagar
Rent a thar in Kashmir

Enjoy Kashmir tour the way you want with the Self drive Thar in Kashmir.

Self drive cars in Kashmir 2024Price/day
Grand i103500
Ford Endeavour4500
Mahindar XUV5000
Eco Sports6000
Thar 20247000

How to book Self Drive Thar in Kashmir

You can Book Self Drive Thar in Kashmir, SUV’s on rent will be in amazing condition, will be well maintained and neat and clean. With Tripmore you can even Pre-book your Thar even before you reaching Kashmir and at the time of arrival you just have to take the keys and start you journey.

To Hire a Thar in Srinagar, Kashmir. Contact our reservation at +917051909192 , We would be delighted to offer you our services, We are available 24×7 to assist you

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self drive thar

Why to Book a Self Drive Thar in Kashmir?

Booking a Self drive Thar will give you access to a 4×4 vehicle which would be allowed at any hill station even if its snowing, As 4×4 Cars with chains can easily navigate on the snow. Thar is the first choice of people who love to drive in snow. Kashmir is known for its beautiful meadows and hilly roads, if you want to go to hill stations, then Mahindra Thar is the best. For example if you’re going to Gulmarg which is a famous two’s destination and in winters it will be covered with snow and the roads are slippery so it’s suggested that a 4 by 4 car should be a better option among all. Also if you love making cinematic reels then Thar will give you amazing aesthetics in snow.

Features of Thar for self drive rental Kashmir?

The Mahindra Thar has a lot of features that are beneficial for self-drive renters:

  • Multiple Driving Options: The Thar comes with a shift on the fly 4×4 transfer case with low range, this feature will allow you to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes while on the move. It is most helpful when there are different terrains and types of roads, In Kashmir there are different kinds of hills where you might need to switch from 2WD and 4WD more or vice-versa.

  • Roof Options: There are three types of roofs available for Thar rentals Hardtop, Soft top and convertible roof. You can choose anyone of the types according to your need and preferences.

  • Offroad Display Features: The Thar comes with a touchscreen that displays real time information about roll, pitch, steering angle, compass, and G monitor displays. Which provides valuable data for offroad or snowy road conditions. 

  • Music System: Mahindra Thar has a 7-inch Infotainment Screen and the Blue Sense Connected App, you can control various features of the vehicle remotely and stay entertained on your journey.

  • Airbags: This feature provides real-time data about the vehicle’s off-road performance, helping you track your adventure.

  • Hill Assist Control: In Kashmir you will be traveling on a Hill rather than on a plain road, this feature prevents the car from rolling back on steep ascents.

  • Comfortable Seating: The 50-50 Seat Split & Recline feature allows for flexible seating arrangements and increased comfort, even on rough terrains.

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): This system prevents wheels from locking up during hard braking also while travelling in snow it helps to maintain grip, allowing the driver to maintain steering control, which is crucial during sudden stops or skids on snow.

Cheapest Thar Rental in Kashmir?

Cheapest Thar rental in Kashmir for self drive is available at Tripmore, You will get a Thar for as low as Rs 5000 Per-day. All you have to do is contact us on our reservation on +917051909192 .

Rate of Thar in Kashmir?

Rate of Thar in Kashmir is Rs 5000 per day, Book your Self-Drive Thar now with Tripmore, call our reservation team for a hassle-free process our contact number is 7051909192.

Book Thar for Kashmir Tour

If you want to book your Thar for you Kashmir tour, you can contact Tripmore for the same, Tripmore provides you best quality self-drive rental cars like Thar, Innova and Fortuner. Book your Thar for a day based rental now, Call 7051909192.

Rent Thar in Srinagar

Rent a Thar in Srinagar at affordable price at ₹5000 only all you have to do is contact our reservation at 7051909192 and give us your trip details like the date you are visiting and places you would like to visit and we will make your rental Thar available to you.

Where to hire Thar in Kashmir?

In Srinagar, it is very easy to find and get Bikes for Rent but finding self-driven cars is a hard job to do. Now the question is where to book as there are very least options. Although everything is as clear as glass with the Google reviews and TripAdvisor reviews these days. There Tripmore comes into play as Tripmore is the top-rated cab rental in Kashmir. So if you want a Thar, Tripmore is the place for that.

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Rent a Thar without driver in Kashmir

  • Tripmore has made it possible for all the adventure lovers to travel to all the beautiful places in Kashmir by themselves with self-driven cars in their comfort.
  • There is no restriction on the places you want to travel to. you can take your loved one to any of the places with 100% privacy.
  • Our self-drive car rental comes with unlimited kilometers so you can concentrate on counting memories, not kilometers.
  • You can either pick up the cars on rent from one of our predefined locations at Srinagar or have the car of your choice hand-delivered to your doorstep of the Hotel or airport on arrival. So what are you waiting for? Time to book self-drive cars on rent in Kashmir and ride with Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Self drive Mahindra Thar in Srinagar

  • In Kashmir, there are lots of vendors that can provide you the cabs with drivers and take you on a tour but there is a different charm in driving a car by yourself in Kashmir and stopping wherever you want. Taking the pics making reels for the Instagram, as there are no Kilo-meters restrictions so you can explore far-flung areas of Kashmir.
  • we know you are wanderlust! And for every traveler, where there is a will, there is a Tripmore! We mean, when in Kashmir, you cannot just rely on public transport to resist slow-motion life. Hence, we bring to you Self Drive Car Rental Company; a car rental service in Srinagar, convenient, seamless, and reasonable. Do not believe us? Try it for yourself!

How much is thar rental in Kashmir?

Prices of Thar Rental in Kashmir is as:

  • For Old Thar 2017 : Rs 5000/-
  • For New Thar 2023 : Rs 8000/-

Charges of renting Thar in Kashmir

Charges of renting Mahindra Thar in Kashmir starts from Rs 5000/- and goes upto Rs 8000/-. To book a self drive Thar call 7051909192

How much is the security deposit for renting Thar?

Security Deposit for renting a Thar is Rs 10000/-, amounts is refunded on the time of return.

Mileage of Mahindra thar for self drive?

If you are self driving a Thar and are curious about the mileage, Mahindra thar gives mileage of  15 kmpl

Are self drive cars available in Srinagar kashmir?

Yes, self drive cars are available in Srinagar Kashmir. You can book self drive car in Srinagar kashmir by visiting or Call/Whats-app : +917051909192

Where to hire Thar in Srinagar

In Srinagar, it is very easy to find and get Bikes for Rent but finding self-driven cars is a hard job to do. Now the question is where to book as there are very least options. Although everything is as clear as glass with the Google reviews and TripAdvisor reviews these days. There Tripmore comes into play as Tripmore is the top-rated cab rental in Srinagar

What are the formalities of Self driven cars in Kashmir?​

Formalities are as simple as it gets
1. Valid Driving License.
2. Security Deposit of 10000 (ten thousands).
3. Return the car on the date decided. as late charges may apply

Do i have to pay for fuel for my Thar rental in Kashmir?

Yes, Fuel is to be paid by you. To book yourself a self drive car now in Srinagar, Kashmir then call us on 7051909192

4x4 Thar for Rent in Srinagar

If you are in Srinagar and want a 4×4 car for daily usage on rental basis, call our reservation team for a hassle-free process our contact number is 7051909192. We at Tripmore can arrange you a daily based Rental Thar in Kashmir.

4 by 4 Vehicle on rent in Kashmir

4 by 4 Vehicle like Mahindra Thar, Fortuner, and Innova are available for Rent at Tripmore, To book a 4 by 4 car on rent in Kashmir all you have to do is call our reservation on +917051909192 we will be 24×7 Available at your service.

Where can i pickup my Thar in Kashmir?

You will pickup the Thar at Tripmore office, you will get your keys here and then you can start your journey.

Where can i drop my Thar after completing my journey?

You have to drop your self-drive Thar at our Tripmore office, at 10 Am the next day.





Steps to Book a Self Drive Thar in Kashmir

To Book a Self Drive Thar In Kashmir, Follow these simple Steps:

  1. Call Tripmore on 7051909192
  2. Our reservation team will answer the call
  3. Share the dates and duration you need a Thar for rent
  4. Pay some token amount.
  5. You are done.
Can i do off-roading in self drive Fortuner in Kashmir?

Yes, Mahindra Thar is made for it, you can do off-roading in self drive Thar in Kashmir, just keep in mind you don’t do damage to the car. To book your Self drive Thar contact Tripmore now on 7051909192

Pre book Self Drive Thar in Kashmir

Prebooking of your self drive Thar can be done at Tripmore. Just call 7051909192 and specify your tour dates, and we will arrange your call when you reach Kashmir. All you have to do is take the keys and go for your favorite destinations.

Documents Required for Self Drive Thar in Kashmir?

Documents required for self drive Thar in Kashmir are as:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Driving License


Self drive thar in Kashmir price

Self Drive Thar in Kashmir is Priced at Rs 5000 per day.

Thar on rent in Srinagar

Tripmore provides Thar on rent in Srinagar. Call Tripmore on 7051909192

Is there any Thar rental service in Kashmir?

Yes, Tripmore provides Thar rental service in Kashmir. Both New and Old Thar is Available.

Thar on rent in Kashmir

To rent a Thar in Kashmir, All you need to do is Call Tripmore on 7051909192 and book you Thar now

Unlimited kilometers

No Kilometer Capping. Drive as much as you want without paying anything extra!

No Liability

Freedom of driving bike as you own it minus the liabilities.

Online Car Booking

Make every moment count with the privacy and freedom of having your own Bike.

Why choose Tripmore For Thar Rentals in Kashmir?

In Conclusion at Tripmore Tour and Travels we believe in Quality, Safety and Hospitality. we will provide you the best and well maintained Thar for rent, which would make your ride more comfortable and safe. We work with only the best service providers across the valley, and try to bring value to you. We have 4.9+ rating on Google and we continue to be the best in the valley. We are Proud to Provide our service to you .

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FAQ's Related to Thar Rental in Kashmir

Old model: ₹5000/day
New model: ₹8000/day

Formalities for the Thar are as simple as it gets
1. Valid Driving License.
2. Security Deposit of 10000 (ten thousands).
3. Half of the tour amount as advance after test drive and before leaving for the lovely tour.
4. Rest of the amount before a day of tour completion

Yes, Self drive Thars are available in Srinagar Kashmir. You can book s by visiting or Call/Whatsapp : +91-7051909192

Per day rental cost of Thar will be Rs 5000. which means you will get to use a Thar for a day at a price of 5000 INR.

To Book a Off-roader Mahindra Thar  for self drive in Kashmir Valley, All you have to contact on 7051909192, for instant bookings

Tripmore provides you with the best service which is Thar Rentals in Srinagar, Kashmir, To book contact Call on 7051909192

Yes, you can Hire a Thar in Kashmir at an affordable price with Tripmore, You can Contact Tripmore on 7051909192

In Srinagar Thar Rental Price is Rs 5000 per day.

The Cheapest cost of Thar Rental is Rs 5000 per day in 2024, You can do that by contacting Tripmore on 7051909192

Hire a Mahindra Thar in Kashmir at a price of Rs 5000 with Tripmore, You can Contact Tripmore on 7051909192

To Book a Thar SUV without a Driver, and self drive it Kashmir Valley and be your own boss. All you have to contact on 7051909192, for instant bookings

Per day Rental Charges of Old Thar in 2024 at Kashmir is Rs 5000 for a day.

For New thar Price is Rs 8000 for a day, depends on how many days you book a car. Book yourself a Rental Thar now call on +917051909192

Self drive

Thar 2022

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Thar (old model)

3 Manual 2 2
Self drive


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Self drive

Skoda Yeti

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