Sinthan Top

In the winter of the year 2024, As we all know the usual snowfall in  Kashmir’s popular destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg had been very less as compared to previous years. So keeping this in mind our team left for discovering places which still have snow. The place that we visited and found best is The Sinthan Top. Our journey was a beautiful one as the roads and snowy landscapes made it exactly what people crave for about Kashmir. This is place is absolutely the best place to visit if you couldn’t find snow in Gulmarg, Pahalgam or Sonmarg. At Sintan top you can do a lot. So let’s start this blog which will have everything you want to know about reaching at Sinthan top and what activities you can do there. Let’s Begin

Where we can find snow in kashmir

Why is it not Snowing in Kashmir?

There are mainly two reasons for not Snowing in Kashmir, One being the Nino Effect, which is a climatic phenomenon that involves the warming of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. Which then disrupts global weather patterns, leading to reduced snowfall in the Kashmir. Second one, being global warming. A lot of people also think that it happens every decade once or twice so we don’t need to worry about it. Untill then let’s enjoy what we still have which is the Sinthan Top

Journey to Sinthan Top

Our Journey began when we left Srinagar to reach Sinthan top, It took us approximately 3 hours to reach. Along the way, we saw a unique thing which is an emergency plane landing strip right on the highway. After travelling for a while in our car we reached at the main market of Anantnag. It is a good place to pack something to eat as our journey was a long one. Anantnag market has a beautiful clock tower also called “Ghanta Ghar”. At Anantnag we packed some snacks and bought some fresh fruits.  

Fruit Vendors at Anantnag
Clock Tower Anantnag

After leaving Anantnag main market, We continued to reach our destination. But we notice that there are a lot of places that you can visit while reaching to Sinthan top. One of which is the “Temple Samadhi Mirza Kak Ji” It is a beautiful temple which is on the way. If you are a spiritual person then this place is worth stopping for a while. To find this landmark you can ask anyone when you would be reaching Kokernag , also we found a board which also shows you the location of the temple. After you can visit a Kokernag Park which is a beautiful place for a picnic, also there is a trout fishing farm that you can visit.

kokernag milestone

If you are feeling hungry then you can stop at a local tea shop which is called “Davoodia Tea Stall”. It is a small dhaba which offers you tea, aloo parathas, maggi and Chola puri. We stopped at this spot and had good quality aloo parathas also in a very affordable price. If you are visiting surely stop at this place and take a break. After this we reached the place called Daksum its is a beautiful place with river on the side. We also stopped at a green water bridge which was on the way which is also a great stop to stop. If you have lunch with you, you guys can stop here and have your lunch with an amazing touch of nature to it. The peaceful sound of water and scenery makes it very beautiful. After travelling for a while on zigzag roads climbing up the hill we finally reached our destination which is The Sinthan Top.

Tea stall Sinthan top
Bridge at Daksum

Activities to do at Sinthan Top

It is meadow like mountain covered which a lot of snow which looks so beautiful to look at. People were having so much fun that we also started climbing up the mountain, and the beauty of the place at the top is impossible to explain. It was giving us a birdeye view of the mountain with peaks visible of long range of snowy mountains. Also to mention we stopped like after every 10-20 minutes after Daksum to take our pictures as on every kilometer we magically found a view point and took our photos, videos and image content for this blog

  • Sledge Riding: If you walked up to the peak and want to sledge down gliding on the snow, well you can do that there are people with sledges waiting for you at the top which you can just sit on and slide down. This was a amazing experience as it is a slope which is so thrilling to glide downhill, Everyone did sledge riding in our team and overall it was a fun activity to do. If you are here don’t miss sledge ride at Sinthan top.
  • Snowmobiling: This was the most fun we had doing snowmobiling at Sinthan Top, we did snowmobile riding for around 30 minutes and also did self driving, wewent up the hill and down in a snowmobiles which made the trip to Sinthan top a memorable one.
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sledger ride at sinthan top
Snow Mobile in Sinthan top

Food Available at Sinthan Top

There are some stalls at Sinthan top, Some food items that are that you can try include Maggi and fried rice, in drinks you can drink coffee and tea. We stopped at the stall had had maggi and a tea in from of a bornfire which kept us all warm and cozy while having our tea with amazing views of snowy mountains in front of us. Maggi and Tea was decent, if you are feeling hungry do try out their Maggi, The view and a place of spicy Maggi is just a perfect match at this amazing place.

Coffee at Sinthan top
Maggi at Sinthan top

Sunset at Sinthan Top

As we were leaving back to Srinagar, something caught our eyes. It was a heavenly sunset with beautiful haze which was surrounded all over in the sky. The sunset is visible from the Sinthan top and also some places will travelling down the hill. The time arround 5.30 Pm in 14th of January. We could not hold ourselves just watching it from a car. So we decided to do a Photoshoot and we indeed got some amazing shots of it. We also did a classic Shah Ruk Khan pose and shot some Instagram Reels for our handle. We sat there for a while and it surely is one of the most beautiful things on the journey. If you are travelling to Sinthan top in winter then keep some time for this also. This place might give you memories to remember for a lifetime. 

Sunset at Sinthan Top
Shah Ruk Khan Pose at Sinthan

How to reach Sinthan Top?

If you want to arrange any type of trip to Sinthan Top, You can easily get in touch with us. Call +917051909192 we can arrange you anything from cabs, transport, accomodation all at a single place that is Tripmore. Well if you don’t want to hire us then you can do this trip on your own. Just make sure the driver is well known of the area and roads as there is a possibility of deviating from the road. Sometimes Google shows you wrong directions as this is a less visited place overall in genral. Follow these steps to do a Trip to Sinthan top.

  1. Call 7051909192, To know about the weather and road conditions at realtime, or to book any service related to Sinthan Top Pass.
  2.  Get to the NH44 highway, and follow the highway till you reach Anantnag Main Market. then at KP Chok Khanabal you have to follow Mehndi Kadal connecting road.
  3. You will reach Lalchowk Anantnag, then you have to take the road which goes towards the Government District Hospital Anantnag.
  4. After following the same road you will reach Achabal. Then after that you will reach to Kokernag by crossing Sagam village.
  5. Follow along to Vailoo village and then finally you will reach Sinthan Top

Cab Service to Sinthan Top

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Hire a Taxi to Sinthan Top

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Hire a Tempo Traveller to Sinthan Top

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Self Drive Car to Sinthan top

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Time to see a Sunset in Sinthan top

Time to see a sunset at Sinthan top in Winter will be in between 5 to 6 PM and in summer 6:30 to 7.30 Pm

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How to add Sinthan top to my Kashmir itinerary?

If you want to customize your Kashmir Trip itinerary, and add Sinthan top to the list then call 7051909192.

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How tall is Sinthan top Kashmir in feet?

Sinthan Top is 12,500 feet or 3,800 m above sea level. Its a peak of a mountain where you find snow activities and beautiful landscapes

Why choose Tripmore For Sintan Top Journey?

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FAQ's Related to Sinthan Top Journey.

Book taxi from Srinagar to Sinthan top Pass now, you can do so by Calling on 7051909192

Distance from Srinagar to Ladakh is 130 KM 

Yes, Snow is available at Sinthan top.

It takes arround 3 hours to reach Sinthan Top. It Depends on Traffic and Road conditions.

Yes, its same to visit Sinthan top. A lot of traveller visit Sinthan top to do snow activites.

Contact number is 7051909192 for cab service from Srinagar to Sinthan Top Pass.

Yes, You can eat Maggi, coffee and tea at Sinthan Top

Yes, you can prebook Taxi for Srinagar to Sinthan top Service. Contact Tripmore for the same on 7051909192.

Yes, you can go to Sinthan top with family or a group. You just have to book SUV or a Tempo Traveller according to your need.

No,  there is no market at Sinthan top, but you can buy warm clothes and waterproof shoes. Incase your clothes are wet you can buy new ones at affordable prices

Yes, you can ride a Snowmobile or do snow activites like sledge riding at Sinthan Top.