Snow Activities to do in Gulmarg

Ski and Snowboarding in Kashmir

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is the 2nd highest cable car in the world. If offers you amazing views that will mesmerize your eyes. Taking a gondola ride in Gulmarg is a must and cannot be missed. The gondola ride takes you to the top of Apharwat peak. Gulmarg Gandola ride carries 600 people every hour. It consists of 2 phases and we can book your tickets for both.

Phase 1: Gulmarg to Kongdoori 8500 ft
Phase2. Kongdoori to Affarwat 12300 ft.  You can simply call us on 705190192 

Gulmarg Phase 1 tickets will cost you  ₹810 
Gulmarg Phase 2 tickets will cost you ₹1010


Gulmarg Gondola phase 1 and phase 2 rate chart 2024

FactorsGulmarg Gondola Phase 1 TicketGulmarg Gondola Phase 2 Ticket
LocationGulmarg to KungdoorKungdoor to Affarwat
Duration of Ride15 Minutes20 Minutes
Height2600 meter4200 meter
Timing9.00am to 3.30pm9.00am to 01.00pm
1.00pm to 3.30pm
ActivitiesSkiing and Sledging (winters)
Horse Riding, Trekking and Hiking (Summers)
Photography and snowfighting (Around the Year)
Ski, snowboarding (expert Level)
Foods to TryMaggi, Biryani, Momos, Tea/Coffee and other fast foodsNo Shops
BookingGulmarg Gondola Phase 1 TicketGulmarg Gondola Phase 2 Ticket

Reservation number of Gondola in Gulmarg

You can book your Gondola ride in Gulmarg, simply calling 24 hours reservation number 7051909192

Phase 1 + phase 2 will be ₹1820 

What is the best time to Enjoy the Cable car in Gulmarg

The best season to enjoy the Cable car in Gulmarg is when it snows heavenly December to March

For online booking of  Gulmarg cable car you can call on 7051909192 for instant booking

This activity is thrilling in itself. In Gulmarg that is one of the must to do activity. This activity depends on the number of the points covered often but As per the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir it is based on the time.

Gulmarg ATV Short ride : ₹1500
Gulmarg ATV Long ride : ₹2500

The ATV in Gulmarg comes with the seating capacity of 2 persons. One is the rider and another pillion. In long ride you can ride by yourself.


Gulmarg ATV ride Price

ATV Gulmarg RideRateRide DistancePoints Covered
Short Ride₹15005 KMRider will take you
1. Mata ka Mandir
2. Children's park
3. Golf Course
Long Ride₹250010 KM (Self Drive)Self Drive ATV
1. Maharaja Palace
2. Strawberry Valley
3. Jungle Ride
4. Fishing Lake
5. View Point
6. All the points covered in Short ride

What is the reservation number of ATV bikes in Gulmarg

You can book your ATV bikes in Gulmarg, simply calling 24 hours reservation number 7051909192

What is the best time to Enjoy the ATV ride in Gulmarg

The best season to enjoy the ATV in Gulmarg starts from the Starting month of December to Last week of February 

Charges of ATV in Gulmarg

Short ride : ₹1500
Long ride : ₹2500

Call 7051909192 to book your ATV Ride

Can we book ATV bike in Gulmarg online

For online booking of ATV in Gulmarg you can call on 7051909192 for instant booking

Snowboarding at Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the favorite destinations for people all around the world for snowboarding. You will find best slope conditions and powdered snow in Gulmarg for snowboarding enthusiasts. Gulmarg has variety of slopes to snowboard for beginners, intermediate and expert level snowboarders. Tripmore offers a variety of services regarding snowboarding. You can directly send us a text on WhatsApp on 7051909192 and we can help you with all the equipment’s needed and also a tutor if you want to learn how to snowboard.

Full day charges of Snowboarding in Gulmarg: ₹750

Snowboarding in Gulmarg

Gulmarg Snowboard per day rate

Snow Board in GulmargRate
Full day₹750
Half day₹400

Per day rent of Snowboard in Gulmarg

Per day rent of snowboard in Gulmarg at ₹750

Where to book snowboard in Kashmir

You can book the snowboard in Kashmir by calling 7051909192 for your vacations.

Where is the Snowboarding ski shop in Gulmarg

Gulmarg main market near ATM direct contact 7051909192

Snowboarding instructors in Gulmarg

Tripmore has the expert cum local instructors for both Ski and Snowboarding

Sledge ride in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is filled with snow adventures that can you try. If snowboarding or skiing is too competitive or scary for you, try Sledging in the breathtaking valley of Kashmir. People of all ages can try Sledging in Gulmarg. It is a great way to bond with your loved ones or just enjoy the peaceful scenery of Gulmarg. Sledging can be done at Kongdori. The sledges we use are mostly hand crafted by the locals of Kashmir. We will allot you a porter that can pull you on the sledge. We will take care of everything for you, All you need to do is enjoy the experience of sledging on the slopes on Gulmarg while witnessing the beauty of Kashmir. Contact us on 7051909192 for more information on Snow activities in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg main market to Gondola sledge charges are ₹1500/person

Sledge in Gulmarg

Sledge ride in Gulmarg price chart

Sledge ride GulmargRate
Gulmarg main market to Baby Slope₹1000
Gulmarg main market to Gondola Counter₹1500
Kongdoori (Gulmarg Phase 1) to Gulmarg main market₹2000
Gulmarg full sightseeing
1. Mata ka Mandir
2. Fishing Lake
3. Golf Course
4. Saint Marry Church

Sledge ride in Gulmarg full sightseeing price

For 4 points including Mata ka Mandir, Fishing Lake, Golf Course and Saint Marry Church it is ₹2500/person.

Where to book Sledge in Gulmarg

You can book Sledge in Gulmarg by calling 7051909192 for your vacations.

Can we prebook Sledge in Gulmarg

Yes, that is possible with the online service of Tripmore. Call on 7051909192 to book in advance

Gulmarg Sledge lowest price

The Sledge in Gulmarg starting price is ₹1000/person, in that you can enjoy the ride form Gulmarg main market to Baby slopes.

Winter Trek in Gulmarg

Trekking is also of the most popular things to do in Gulmarg during winters. You will be able to witness a frozen lake post a 3 km trek from Apharwat station to Alpather lake. The lake is at a height of 4,390 meters and is surrounded by snowclad mountains and endless meadows making it look beautiful. You can also walk across the lake, skate on it or just simply admire looking at the reflection of mountains on the lakes mirrored surface. Tripmore offers a variety of trekking packages in Gulmarg and other parts of Kashmir as well as the Alpather lake trek. 

Price: 2000/Person


Pony Ride in Gulmarg

Riding on a Pony is a must when you travel to Kashmir. Gulmarg is one of the best places to take a Pony Ride. Pony Rides in Gulmarg can take you to places like Khilanmarg, Ningal Nallah, Strawberry valley, Rani temple, Maharaja Palace and Baba Reshi Monument. Pony ride in Gulmarg is very popular as it can take you to places where a vehicle can’t reach. Pony ride is an easy way to commute around the stunning valleys and snowclad mountains of Kashmir. You will be accompanied by an experiences guide to ensure you are safe and tell you amazing stories about the place. Pony ride is an activity that is suitable for all age groups. You can directly book a pony ride online without having the hassle to wait or reach Gulmarg. Call Tripmore on 705190912 and book your pony ride in Gulmarg now to enjoy your winter trip to Kashmir.

Pony ride in Gulmarg
Pony ride in GulmargPrice/Person
Khilanmarg Tour4000

Snow tubing in Gulmarg

Snow tubing in Gulmarg is a very fun to do and thrilling activity. If you are travelling with family or travelling solo. This activity is like sitting in a donut and gliding on the snowy slopes of Gulmarg. There is a specific area for snow tubing, where there are proper guides whom will help you get on the tube and will tell you how to enjoy this ride to the fullest. The hill from which you will glide down is a beginner friendly slope and covered in soft, fluffy snow so you don’t have to worry about being injured or so.

Snow tubing is loved by all age groups. Children glide down giggling and adults laughing. This activity is so fun that one wants do it again and again. This activity is also the affordable one compared to other activities. If you want to enjoy this activity without any hassle then Tripmore is here for you. Tripmore with provide you this service with prebooking facility and at a discounted price. 

Contact Tripmore’s reservation team on +917051909192, Our team is available to help you 24×7. Do call us if you need any typee of assistane.

Snow tubing
Snow Tubing Price in Gulmarg 2024-2025Price/Person
Snow TubingRs 900/-

Is Snow tubing safe in Gulmarg?

Yes, Snow Tubing is 100% Safe. Snow in Gulmarg is like powder so no worries about it being unsafe. Happy snow tubing.

Book Snow tubing in Gulmarg

To Book Snow tubing in Gulmarg all you have to do us contact us on 7051909192. and we will book you snow tubing service.

Snow Tubing cost In Gulmarg

Snow Tubing Cost in Gulmarg is Rs 900 if you Book with Tripmore. For instant bookings contact +917051909192

Contact number of Snow Tubing at Gulmarg

Contact number of Snow tubing at Gulmarg is 7051909192