Kashmir Solo Trip

Kashmir Solo Trip can be incredibly enriching and fulfilling experience, as kashmir is know for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and warm hospitality. you can also participate in many activities for solo travelers.

How Much Does a Solo Kashmir Trip Cost?

The cost of a solo trip to kashmir can vary depending upon several factors, such as the duration of the trip , accommodation type, mode of transportation and activities you choose to participate in, However , here is a estimate of the cost

Accommodation: The accommodation can vary greatly depending on the type of hotel or guest house you choose. A budget stay in srinagar can range from 1000 to 2000 INR/night and a Luxury hotel can range from 7000 to 20000 INR/night.

Transportation: The cost of transportation will depend on how yopu choose to travel or destinations you want to cover. If you opt for public transport it wil cost you around 100 To 500 /day . However, if you want to hire a Taxi in kashmir or rent a Car in kashmir , Taxi will start from 2500/day and Car Rental from 3500/day.

Food and Drink : The cost of food and drink in kashmir can vary depending on where you eat and what you order.So it can cost you around 500 to 1000 INR.

kashmir solo Trip

Itinerary Of Solo Trip To Kashmir


Day 1: Arrive Srinagar, City Tour

Day 2 Srinagar To Gulmarg To Srinagar

Day 3 Srinagar To Pahalgam To Srinagar

Day 4 Departure

Package Cost = Rs.23700

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Day 1: Arrive Srinagar, City Tour

Day 2 Gulmarg Day Tour

Day 3 Pahalgam Day Tour

Day 4 Sonamarg Day Tour

Day 5 Departure

Package Cost = Rs.27200

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Day 1: Arrive Srinagar, City Tour

Day 2 Gulmarg Night Stay

Day 3 Pahalgam Night Stay

Day 4 Pahalgam Sightseeing - Srinagar

Day 5 Sonamarg Night Stay

Day 6 Departure

Package Cost = Rs.36200

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Best Time To Visit Kashmir

The Best time to visit kashmir is between the months Jan and October, When you can experience pleasant weather as well you can also see snowfall in most beautiful region in the India . Let’s take a look at different seasons in kashmir and what makes them unique

Spring (March to May): Spring in kashmir is a sight to behold , with the blooming of tulip at Tulip garden , Cherry blossom at Badaam Wari and almond Treea. the weather is mild , with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C, making it ideal for sightseeing and trekking and camping .

Summer (June to August): Summer in kashmir is the peak tourist season, with clear blue skies and comfortable weather ranging from 20°C to 30°C. Perfect time for adventure sports and to enjot cool breeze by lakes

Autumn ( September to November) : Autumn in kashmir is characterized by colorful foliage with the leave turing shared of red, yellow and gold. The weather is cool and crisp with temperatures 10°C to 20°C making it ideal for hiking, Trekking and camping.

Winter (December to February): Winter is kashmir is a magical time, with snow-clad mountains, frozen lakes and cozy fireside evening . The temperature can drop to sub-zero level and making it perfect for snowboarding,skiing and other winter sports

Book Your Solo Trip To Kashmir

Looking for a breathtaking destination that will leave you in awe? Look no further than Kashmir! A solo trip to this stunning region will give you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, experience the warmth and hospitality of the local people, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

How To Plan Solo Trip To Srinagar?

  • Step 1

    Choose the month and date you want to visit kashmir in .

  • Step 2

    Create your itinerary of your choice ( where you want to visit and activities you want to participate in)

  • Step 3

    Book your transportation and accommodation (you can book through tripmore as we provide best in class transportation and accommodation at affordable price)

  • Step 4

    You all step up for your memorable solo trip to kashmir.

Kashmir Solo Trip Activities

Here are top 5 activities you can participate in during your solo trip to kashmir.

Shikara Ride

Ghat 17, Hotel Pride Continental, Boulevard Road, Rainawari, Srinagar

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Gondola Ride [ Phase 1 ]

Gulmarg Gondola, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Gondola Ride [ Phase 1& Phase 2]

Gulmarg Gondola, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Great Lakes Trek

Sonamarg, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Ski Course

Highlands Park, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Hot Air Balloon

Zabarwan Park زبرون پارک, Boulevard Road, Rainawari, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43


Astanmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43


Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Pony ride in Kashmir

Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

Kashmir Heritage Tour

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-02 20:59:43

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    The Best Places to visit in Kashmir for solo Travelers are : Gurez valley , Pahalgam , Gulmarg , Naranaag , Doodthpathri, Sonamarg , Astanmarg, Pari Mahal , Patni Top

    Yes, Its as safe as the rest of places in India

    It all depends on the person if you want to see snow and enjoy snow activities then November to February is the best time to visit or if you like Summer vibes then April to August will be also Great and you can enjoy summer activities like Hiking Trekking etc.

    You can easily get a free itinerary from expert by calling on :+917051909192 or visit Tripmore.in and ask for free itinerary to kashmir

    Some of the best solo activities to do in kashmir are : Paragliding , jet skiing, Hot Air balloon , Horse Riding , Camping , trekking etc. . You can book any activity in Kashmir by calling on :+917051909192 or visit tripmore.in.

    The cost of solo trip to kashmir for 4D3N = 23,700. For 5D4N = 27,200 and for 5N6d.

    Kashmir is very safe for female solo traveler , here are few tips for our female solo travelers 1.Use Public Transport (Its safe and cheap) 2.Keep in touch with closed ones. 3.Bargain Everything 4.Dont go to far rural area's alone 5.Keep enough cash with you .