Amarnath Yatra Registration 2024

Shri Amarnath is one of  the holiest of shrines for hindus. Dedicated to Lord shiva located at 3888m above sea level. Amarnath yatra is a pilgrimage circuit, which opens for two month every year. The Amarnath yatra registration is compulsory for pilgrims as there are two ways for Amarnath Yatra 2024 registration –offline and online. The pilgrims can register themselves on the official website or by calling +917051909192 


How to Amarnath Yartra Registration for Year 2024


  • Do prepare for the Yatra by achieving Physical Fitness – it is advisable to start a preparatory Morning/Evening walk, about 4-5 km per day, at least a month prior to the Yatra.
  • Start deep breathing exercise and Yoga, particularly pranayam for improving oxygen efficiency of the body.
  • Do drink lots of water to combat dehydration and headaches–about 5 litres of fluid per day.
  • Do consume plenty of carbohydrates to reduce fatigue and prevent low blood sugar levels.
  • Do descend immediately to a lower elevation, if you start having altitude illness symptoms.
  • In case of any signs of High Altitude Sickness or any other discomfort, immediately contact the nearest medical facility located at every 2 kms.


  • Don’t drink alcohol, caffeinated drink, or smoke.
  • Don’t accept everything a sick Yatri says since his/ her judgment is impaired.
  • Don’t ignore the symptoms of high altitude illness.
Steps for Amarnath Yatra 2024 Registration: 
  • Step 1 : Go to
  • Step 2: Check on ” I Agree ” Button and Click Register
  • Step 3: Fill you Information and Upload Medical Certificate
  • Step 4 : Click on Submit and then you will receive OTP
  • Step 5: You are done, and will receive a confirmation after a while on email and Phone number.

Amarnath Yatra 2024 Offline & Online Registration


Offline15 April, 2024

15 April, 2024

For offline registration pilgrims must visit the authorised branches of the banks throughout Inida.These banks and branches issue the Yatra Permit of Amarnath Ji based on the details provided by the applicant on the application form. For this, you require to have various documents. The following are some vital steps involved in the registration for Amarnath Yatra in the year 2024.

How can i register for Amarnath Yatra 2024 Online

You can register for amarnath by calling on +917051909192 or by visiting

How much is fees for Amarnath Yatra Online

The fees of Amarnath Yatra is Rs 100/

How to Book Tickets for Amarnath

You can Book tickets for amarnath by calling +917051909192 or by Goto

Is Amarnath Registration Open

Amarnath Registration will start from April 2024. 

Is RFID compulsory for Amarnath Yatra


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