Located around the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, Leh-Ladakh is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

The place charms you with its charming landscapes, its spiritual monasteries, magnificent greenery, and its peaceful Villages. Leh-Ladakh has stunning views of the mountains and they begin to encircle you as you approach the city. The immaculate blue skies, beautiful flowers, snow-capped Mountain Ranges, milky-white streams, and colorfully painted valleys will make you feel like you are in heaven on earth. So don’t just read, Book a trip with us on Tripmore to enjoy the immaculate beauty of Leh – Ladakh.


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Places to visit in Ladakh

Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley is a few hours north of Leh. This is a must-visit place in your Ladakh Tour Package. This is where the Shiwak and Siachen rivers meet. This valley separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges and the enormous Siachen Glacier. The valley is accessible via the highest motorized road in the world: Khardong La. Along the Nubra Valley are the Sasser Pass and the famous Karakoram Pass, which connects Nubra to Xinjiang, China. The village of Panamik is the last village at the northern tip of the Nobra Valley and is open to tourists. Nubra’s beautiful landscapes, rugged mountains, and high altitudes attract adventure tourists from all over the world. Nubra Valley is naturally blessed with the beautiful Pleasant Landscapes and Picturesque Mountains Nubra Valley is the most beautiful region in all of Ladakh. We can find amazing attractions such as Yarab Tso Lake, Hunder Sand Dunes, Samstanling Gompa, Diskit Monastery, and Turtuk and Panamik villages.

 Diskit Gonpa is also located at a height of about 200 meters. Above the village, on the spur of a rocky mountain and at the most imposing point, it has a clear view of the entire central part of Nubra. Samstanling Gonpa is situated in the north, opposite Diskit Gonpa. This Gonpa is equally important and recreationally assumes greater importance by being situated on a commanding scenic overlook in the foothills of the Karakoram ranges above the villages of Tegar and Sumoor, amid abundant water and tall vegetation. The main villages through Kardong, Khalsar, Tirit, Sumoor, Tegar Pinchemik, Tirisha, and Panamik are located along the traditional silk road. Caravans traveling through Central Asia and Kashmir through the Nubra Valley used to stay in those villages.

Diskit Gonpa

Panamik was the most important place for the caravan stop. It served as the last major town where caravans landed at the feedback facility before negotiating the Saseer and Karakoram passes into Central Asia. The famous Panamik hot spring also served as a source for baths, drinking water, and therapeutic purposes. Panamik still has charms and the potential to play host to travelers. All the areas around it, including Iantsa Gonpa and Murgi waterfall, combined with panoramic views, strengthen its beauty and hospitality.

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Pangong Lake

A visit to Pangong Lake, spread over 604 square kilometers, is a must-see during a Ladakh tour Package. Very few people miss this beautiful destination during their trip. With the LOC crossing the lake, an inner line permit used to be necessary to visit Pangong Tso until 2014; however, with the new rule, Indian citizens no longer need any permission to visit Pangong Lake.

To get to Pangong Tso, one has to go over the Chang La Pass at 17,590 feet, it is the third highest passable pass. At the pass, there is a shrine dedicated to Chang La Baba, after whom the pass is named. Pangong Tso appeared in the last scene of the movie, 3 Idiots. Since then it has become a household name!

Pangong Lake, located at an altitude of about 4,350 meters, is the highest saltwater lake in the world. Its water, which appears to be painted blue, stands in stark contrast to the surrounding barren mountains. Spread over about 160 km, Pangong Lake is one-third in India and two-thirds in China. Lake Pangong, one of the most famous lakes in Leh Ladakh, derives its name from the Tibetan word “Pangong Tsu”, meaning “Lake of High Grass”. You can spend hours meditating here, and yet its beauty is not enough. Pangong Lake is also known for its color-changing colors, which appear blue, green, and red at different times. If you decide to visit Ladakh anytime, don’t forget to visit Pangong Lake. The beauty that awaits you there cannot be described in words. It has to be seen, felt, and absorbed. Pangong Lake is a must-visit place on your Ladakh Tour Package. You can plan a Ladakh Tour Package by just visiting Tripmore.

Pangong Lake

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Turtuk, a beautiful village in the Nubra Valley, is inhabited by the Balti tribe, situated a few kilometers from the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. It is the northernmost town in India, in the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir. One of the main things to explore in Turtuk is 16th-century old minarets and mosques, the ruins of Pun Khar – the Royal House of  Yabgo Dynasty, majestic views of Mount K2, the isolated village, the Natural Freezing Point, and the historic Polo Ground. Turtuk has preserved the traditions that link it to its Balti roots. Polo is an important part of that tradition. Every year on March 21, the first day of Navroz, the best polo players from You and Faroul (the two parts of Turtuk connected by an old and rickety wooden bridge) gather to play a match at the Polo Ground, located at an altitude of over 9,300 feet. Other attractions here include monasteries and museums. Although there are guesthouses in Turtuk, this amazing town is best explored in camps. You’ll wake up to picture-perfect mountain views and clear skies, and sleep under millions of twinkling stars. The scenic beauty of this northernmost town in India is incomparable.


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Khardung La

Khardung La, also known as Khardzong La, is a high mountain pass in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, near Leh. It serves as a gateway to Shyok and the Nubra Valley. Khardung La is popular as the highest motorable road in India at an elevation of 5602 meters. Contrary to belief, however, its actual elevation is 5,359 meters, making Dungri La the highest motorable road pass in India.

Khardung La Pass is a perfect getaway for adventure enthusiasts, peace seekers, and mountain bikers. Tourists require an internal line permit to enter and travel through the pass. Due to heavy rain and snowfall, the Khardung La Pass is closed from October to May. Khardong La is significant because it is located on the main caravan route that connects Leh to Kashgar in Central Asia.

Khardung La

Khardung La was built in 1976 and opened to the public in 1988. The pass is very important to India as it is used to transport supplies to the Siachen Glacier. From the top, you can get picturesque views of the Karakoram range and the Himalayas. This place is the point of attraction for photographers as they get a pleasing view of Ladakh from this pass.

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Tso Moriri

Beautifully located in the desolate and picturesque Rupshu Valley, Tso Moriri Lake is located at an altitude of less than 250 km southeast of Leh. Surrounded by high mountains, this tranquil lake is about 4,000 meters above sea level. Tso Moriri is approximately 29 km long and 8 km wide. Tso Moriri attracts a wide variety of wildlife, including migratory birds, marmots, and rarely Tibetan wolves. The beautiful numerous shades of blue that the lake offers a charming view of its surroundings give the place a very romantic and inspiring feel. However, in reality, this place is extremely hard and difficult to survive, especially in winter. There is only one cement dwelling around the lake and facilities like electricity, medical aid, hot water, western toilets, etc. are available. They are rare to find. Lack of oxygen makes it difficult to adapt but the beauty of these places makes everyone visit these places at least once In their lifetime.

While the reflection of the snow-capped mountains in the ancient waters of the lake soothes your soul, the exotic migratory birds that fly over the magnificent lake will make you fall in love with nature. The lake is surrounded by high mountains which makes it a hidden gem in the cold desert land of Ladakh. It is an ideal destination for those who are exceptional tourists as well as those who want to see the incomparable beauty of Ladakh. Tripmore can help you get your Ladakh tour package, you just check out the packs and enjoy a hassle-free trip.


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Situated on the snow-capped slopes of the Himalayan mountains, Leh offers its tourists the opportunity to experience the magical charm of the Himalayas and see its rugged and rugged terrain.

The land of Ladakh, known as the Cold Desert, is an ancient beauty for the beholder. It stretches from top to bottom, like a celestial work of art made of brown, gray, and purple strokes with silver flakes and green flakes along the Indus River. Local sightseeing in Leh can be an exceptional experience for you and you will never forget this experience as Leh is a beautiful gift of God to the World and you must explore its beauty once in your life and enjoy the most gorgeous experience of life.


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Zanskar Valley

Located in the eastern part of Ladakh, for the keen traveler, Zanskar is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the Himalayan region. This valley is semi-desert, in which Buddhist beliefs are recognized. Zanskar Valley has always been famous for its high snow-capped mountains and surrounding landscapes, the geographical features of which are unique to this region. Arriving at this place, you will get to know the clear crystal clear water and pleasant climate of the river which will allow you to find it. Located 105 km from Leh.

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley has become popular among adventure enthusiasts. With so many activities that can be tried in the valley, it has become one of the most popular vacation destinations for Himalayan travelers. Snow-covered roofs reflect the sky. The tributaries of the Zanskar River are one of the most popular rafting destinations in India. Interesting places of Zanskar, Ladakh Leh is one of the places in the Ladakh tour package that you can’t miss while staying in Ladakh. The Zanskar Valley has many tourist attractions that draw people to its remote location. Arriving in Zanskar Valley offers tourists a lot of adventure and excitement, so they can enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of these places during their stay.

Zanskar Valley

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No one can explain the beauty of Ladakh in one post. There are a lot of places to visit in Ladakh and enjoying the natural beauty one post is not enough to cover them all. Book your Ladakh Tour Package on Tripmore and enjoy the beauty of Ladakh.